Why we demonize Putin

The Central Banks…the Rothschilds…finally got control of the US economy in 1914, they had known for many years that we had a young, strong nation with unlimited natural resources for the time. They saw that no country in Europe had the room or the natural resources required to run a global economy. China, Russia and Japan weren’t even considered to be living in the same century. and Africa was being colonized already but it had a black majority which would cause problems forever.  Oil hadn’t been discovered in the Middle East yet.

They decided they could rule the world using the United Stated as a base for manpower and manufacturing and that’s basically what happened right after WW2. We have been engaged in armed conflicts since then for the purpose of maintaining control of the global economy…however, all our manufacturing has been shipped to China and we need a new base of natural resources…that’s Russia. When we controlled all the economies we could just outspend everyone else, usually using their own money against them and we did.  If that didn’t work the next option was de-stabilization, internal conflict and regime change followed by the installation of a puppet government.

But so much of America’s money was spent destroying the USSR and installing Yeltsin that when he was removed and the Russians and Russia and China realized what was happening, they started trying to fight back…China more than Russia until a few years ago. Now the US is losing control because the Central Bank mis-managed the world from greed and Russia won’t let us rape it for it’s huge wealth of natural resources..so Putin has to go and we’ll put in another pimp like we did in Ukraine – and everywhere else in the world – and we’ll rape the beautiful Russian country while blaming it all on Putin’s ‘aggression’, which doesn’t exist and has never existed.

It has worked before, but this time China is doing it to us while we are trying to do it to the rest of the world.  Worse, we have lost control of the Jihadis we created to allow Israel to become the dominant player in the Middle East. We will start a nuclear war if necessary because the bankers believe they can survive it.  To them, 99.8% of the global population is disposable and it makes no difference which 99.8%.

I voted to:

(1) Prevent nuclear war with Russia over Crimea and Syria and the constant, endless, illegal, US military wars all over the world.  We aren’t “fighting for freedom and democracy”.  We are suppressing free will and destroying countries and millions of lives.

(2) Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.  Most particularly, the First and Second Amendments.

(3) Maintain the sovereignty of the United States by not having an ‘open border’ policy which would, as it basically does now, allow anyone who wants to come here to just walk in.

(4) Prevent…or at least postpone…the second civil war that the US is about to have.

I have no idea whether Donald Trump will be able to accomplish anything at all, much less the things we desperately need.  But I know Dubya Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama have fucked the world up beyond description and we have to stop ourselves or the rest of the world will stop us.  It’s the President’s job to protect the country and do it safely and legally. It’s YOUR job, and yours alone, to protect yourself and your family safely and legally.

Since Obama took office, Americans have LEGALLY purchased about 250 MILLION firearms. Obama was the best firearms salesman in US history.  A few thousand dumbasses use them improperly or illegally, but the job of the police is to clean up after them and collect evidence of crimes – NOT TO STOP THEM FROM COMMITTING CRIMES.  Hopefully the police are successful in the majority of cases and bad guys go to prison.

Almost 300 MILLION people use firearms safely and legally to protect themselves and their families so the police have less crime to clean up and fewer victims to cart away for autopsy.



Some know. None care.

You have to assume, because the technology exists, that someone knows where you are and what you do 24/7/365.  Where you buy gas, what aisles you walk down in stores and what you look at while you are there.  What you eat, where every penny of your money comes from and goes to.  How much disposable income you have:  the pharma industry wants to know that so they know how much they can jack up the price of your meds.  They are competing with the corporate owners of grocery suppliers and big box chains to get that last dollar.
It’s not the government.  The government can’t piss in a urinal factory. Corporations now run the world.  They have the ability to track those little chips on your credit cards, the loyalty cards, even your driver’s license in some states.  They track you on the road; through the store; down the aisle.  They see what you look at and pick up.  They know what you are going to buy, and those items are on sale to you via email. How convenient that something you want is ALWAYS on sale – to get you to go to THIS store and not another one.  And they know who you are because you use one of those cards at the register.  One with your name and address on it. You gave them all of that information when they offered you 5 cents a gallon cheaper gas.
But that’s not all.  They have free wi-fi.  Everyone has it.  Not because they are nice people.  Because your phone will say ‘hello’ to an open wi-fi and they can track who you are with that if you are out of range of your cards.  An average wi-fi has a range of 2,000 feet and can be a lot more.
All newer cars have wi-fi and bluetooth so you can communicate over your car’s audio system automatically if your phone is near your car.  There is nothing secure about those systems.  Everyone within a mile can listen in. Including traffic cameras and security cameras.  No one follows you personally unless you are a celebrity – because no one has the time to follow everyone around – so they pick people who report the news, or who have a lot of followers; that is to say, people who can influence large numbers of other people.  But computers have nothing better to do.
That’s just a start.  Everyone with a little knowledge – and not much is required – can turn your phone or computer cameras and microphone on.  The only thing you MIGHT notice is that the battery needs to be recharged an hour more often than usual – but the battery can just be wearing out, too.  You will never know.  And it doesn’t matter if the equipment is on or not – or even plugged in – as long as there is a battery in it.
There’s more.  Your new HD TV set can do that too.  You watch and listen to it; it can watch and listen to you.  Because even if you didn’t immediately plug it into your ethernet, you did plug it into a cable box which is plugged into the cable company.  And your TV has wi-fi and bluetooth, just like your phone and your car.  And can turn them on. Look on the back of your new major appliance.  It has an Ethernet port.  IF IT HAS AN ETHERNET PORT, IT IS CONNECTION-READY.
There are TVs on the market now that let you pay bills without taking your credit card out of your pocket.  Right now you have to give the information to Amazon or Paypal, but not for long.  And you won’t need to identify yourself because facial recognition software…Facebook’s, for instance – or Microsoft’s or Google’s, or twenty more – are more accurate than the human mind, faster, and never forget.  You can just walk into a restaurant, eat and leave.  Or a movie or a gas station or Wal-Mart.  If you have the money or credit available for whatever you pick up or order, it’s deducted when you walk out the door.  You won’t have to check out or waste twenty seconds putting that card into a card reader.
Have you read about the Hubble space telescope?  Old technology now, but three of them went missing when it was new technology.  They are in earth orbit looking down, not up.  There is almost literally no place in the world that one of those, or one of the newer ones cannot look through your window and see everything as well as you can. Are your shades and windows closed?  Less detail, but who is home and where they are – and likely what they are doing isn’t complicated to watch in real time.
The government doesn’t have the time, money or personnel to waste on things like following you around.  They are too busy chasing their tails and trying to keep their huge budgets.  The government doesn’t care, in the aggregate, what you do.  If they did, you couldn’t buy any kind of drug you want from your neighbor, or an unregistered gun from your uncle.  Oh, sure, that’s all illegal, but not so you’ll stop doing it.  It’s so they can hang you if you don’t walk in lockstep.
So everyone THINKS they are getting away with something, but those guns are manufactured in the US.  We make more than any other country.  We are the #1 source of personal and military weapons in the world.  And we are the primary profiteers of weapons in the world.  Then we demonize them so the price goes up.  NOT so people will own less or they are more difficult to obtain!  So the price goes up.  We did this with Prohibition.  By the time we got to the War on Drugs, the US had grasped that WE need the $trillions more than the Pashtuns.  So we cornered the market.  Sure, we manage to find seven to ten percent of what is being smuggled because the smaller cartels can’t afford the baksheesh.  But the BIG importers are never touched.
You hide your tiny bag of weed, but no one gives a shit about it.  Because if you are afraid of the government, you can have drugs and guns as long as it keeps you quiet and submissive – and afraid of being caught with it.

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North Korea doesn’t matter because it’s not a viable threat and everyone knows it. The ~$100 million loss to the DPRK can be made up quite easily in other ways. Indeed, the idea that closing Kaesong would pressure or force the North to do anything at all except become more militant is silly. Any of North Korea’s major trading partners could make up that trifling amount in a month, and most certainly have done so.

Kaesong was an excuse to establish a large US missile and larger military deployment to South Korea against China and Russia. That’s the entire point. And that’s the reason Japan has re-emerged as a military power.

Kim Jong-un will not hesitate for a second to use nuclear weapons against the South when he stockpiles enough. He can deliver them without ICBMs at the cost of a couple of cities – but no lasting damage to most of his rural, poorly industrialized state.

A better plan is for the US to stop waving swords at China and Russia and work toward an accommodation. They are NK’s neighbors and will ultimately decide the North’s fate.

The simple fact is that a nuclear confrontation between the US, Russia and China, beginning with the US proxies Ukraine, Turkey, Japan and Israel; the Russian proxies of Syria and Iran, and the Chinese proxies North Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and the area of the South China Sea cannot be won by any side.

Nuclear war is a global lose-lose. It would draw in every NATO country which has nuclear weapons, or in which the US has forward-positioned nuclear weapons. In addition to Russia and China, that includes the UK including Scotland and Canada, Germany, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Israel, Iran probably Taiwan and South Africa and that is not an exhaustive list.

The US, with ~1,000 foreign military bases, is hot on the course of confrontation. That strategy might have worked in 1940. It won’t now.