Why we demonize Putin

The Central Banks…the Rothschilds…finally got control of the US economy in 1914, they had known for many years that we had a young, strong nation with unlimited natural resources for the time. They saw that no country in Europe had the room or the natural resources required to run a global economy. China, Russia and Japan weren’t even considered to be living in the same century. and Africa was being colonized already but it had a black majority which would cause problems forever.  Oil hadn’t been discovered in the Middle East yet.

They decided they could rule the world using the United Stated as a base for manpower and manufacturing and that’s basically what happened right after WW2. We have been engaged in armed conflicts since then for the purpose of maintaining control of the global economy…however, all our manufacturing has been shipped to China and we need a new base of natural resources…that’s Russia. When we controlled all the economies we could just outspend everyone else, usually using their own money against them and we did.  If that didn’t work the next option was de-stabilization, internal conflict and regime change followed by the installation of a puppet government.

But so much of America’s money was spent destroying the USSR and installing Yeltsin that when he was removed and the Russians and Russia and China realized what was happening, they started trying to fight back…China more than Russia until a few years ago. Now the US is losing control because the Central Bank mis-managed the world from greed and Russia won’t let us rape it for it’s huge wealth of natural resources..so Putin has to go and we’ll put in another pimp like we did in Ukraine – and everywhere else in the world – and we’ll rape the beautiful Russian country while blaming it all on Putin’s ‘aggression’, which doesn’t exist and has never existed.

It has worked before, but this time China is doing it to us while we are trying to do it to the rest of the world.  Worse, we have lost control of the Jihadis we created to allow Israel to become the dominant player in the Middle East. We will start a nuclear war if necessary because the bankers believe they can survive it.  To them, 99.8% of the global population is disposable and it makes no difference which 99.8%.

It’s not a mystery.

Trump won because America CLEARLY voted for CHANGE 8 years ago.  Obama promised that change, but didn’t deliver.  A lot of people think Trump will and if he goes way overboard, then that’s the way it is. The pendulum swings; it never stops going too far.  If Obama had come across, this wouldn’t have become an issue.

And, of course, Bernie could have beaten Trump.  Hillary threw him under the bus because she’s Hillary.  So America stood up and stated AGAIN, that (1) WE WANT CHANGE, and (2) we are done with the goddamn Clintons.

Let’s fix the economy first. Stop welfare. If you want a retirement, spend twenty years in public service.  If you live in the projects, they are going to be torn down to build factories so you can have a job.

We are spending $100k a year to feed, clothe and house 3-strike violent criminals.  We need the infrastructure rebuilt.  1+1 = chain gangs.

Pardon all marijuana-related sentences.  Give all serial rapists and pedophiles a bullet in the neck. PROSECUTE CROOKED POLITICIANS.


I voted to:

(1) Prevent nuclear war with Russia over Crimea and Syria and the constant, endless, illegal, US military wars all over the world.  We aren’t “fighting for freedom and democracy”.  We are suppressing free will and destroying countries and millions of lives.

(2) Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.  Most particularly, the First and Second Amendments.

(3) Maintain the sovereignty of the United States by not having an ‘open border’ policy which would, as it basically does now, allow anyone who wants to come here to just walk in.

(4) Prevent…or at least postpone…the second civil war that the US is about to have.

I have no idea whether Donald Trump will be able to accomplish anything at all, much less the things we desperately need.  But I know Dubya Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama have fucked the world up beyond description and we have to stop ourselves or the rest of the world will stop us.  It’s the President’s job to protect the country and do it safely and legally. It’s YOUR job, and yours alone, to protect yourself and your family safely and legally.

Since Obama took office, Americans have LEGALLY purchased about 250 MILLION firearms. Obama was the best firearms salesman in US history.  A few thousand dumbasses use them improperly or illegally, but the job of the police is to clean up after them and collect evidence of crimes – NOT TO STOP THEM FROM COMMITTING CRIMES.  Hopefully the police are successful in the majority of cases and bad guys go to prison.

Almost 300 MILLION people use firearms safely and legally to protect themselves and their families so the police have less crime to clean up and fewer victims to cart away for autopsy.



Some know. None care.

You have to assume, because the technology exists, that someone knows where you are and what you do 24/7/365.  Where you buy gas, what aisles you walk down in stores and what you look at while you are there.  What you eat, where every penny of your money comes from and goes to.  How much disposable income you have:  the pharma industry wants to know that so they know how much they can jack up the price of your meds.  They are competing with the corporate owners of grocery suppliers and big box chains to get that last dollar.
It’s not the government.  The government can’t piss in a urinal factory. Corporations now run the world.  They have the ability to track those little chips on your credit cards, the loyalty cards, even your driver’s license in some states.  They track you on the road; through the store; down the aisle.  They see what you look at and pick up.  They know what you are going to buy, and those items are on sale to you via email. How convenient that something you want is ALWAYS on sale – to get you to go to THIS store and not another one.  And they know who you are because you use one of those cards at the register.  One with your name and address on it. You gave them all of that information when they offered you 5 cents a gallon cheaper gas.
But that’s not all.  They have free wi-fi.  Everyone has it.  Not because they are nice people.  Because your phone will say ‘hello’ to an open wi-fi and they can track who you are with that if you are out of range of your cards.  An average wi-fi has a range of 2,000 feet and can be a lot more.
All newer cars have wi-fi and bluetooth so you can communicate over your car’s audio system automatically if your phone is near your car.  There is nothing secure about those systems.  Everyone within a mile can listen in. Including traffic cameras and security cameras.  No one follows you personally unless you are a celebrity – because no one has the time to follow everyone around – so they pick people who report the news, or who have a lot of followers; that is to say, people who can influence large numbers of other people.  But computers have nothing better to do.
That’s just a start.  Everyone with a little knowledge – and not much is required – can turn your phone or computer cameras and microphone on.  The only thing you MIGHT notice is that the battery needs to be recharged an hour more often than usual – but the battery can just be wearing out, too.  You will never know.  And it doesn’t matter if the equipment is on or not – or even plugged in – as long as there is a battery in it.
There’s more.  Your new HD TV set can do that too.  You watch and listen to it; it can watch and listen to you.  Because even if you didn’t immediately plug it into your ethernet, you did plug it into a cable box which is plugged into the cable company.  And your TV has wi-fi and bluetooth, just like your phone and your car.  And can turn them on. Look on the back of your new major appliance.  It has an Ethernet port.  IF IT HAS AN ETHERNET PORT, IT IS CONNECTION-READY.
There are TVs on the market now that let you pay bills without taking your credit card out of your pocket.  Right now you have to give the information to Amazon or Paypal, but not for long.  And you won’t need to identify yourself because facial recognition software…Facebook’s, for instance – or Microsoft’s or Google’s, or twenty more – are more accurate than the human mind, faster, and never forget.  You can just walk into a restaurant, eat and leave.  Or a movie or a gas station or Wal-Mart.  If you have the money or credit available for whatever you pick up or order, it’s deducted when you walk out the door.  You won’t have to check out or waste twenty seconds putting that card into a card reader.
Have you read about the Hubble space telescope?  Old technology now, but three of them went missing when it was new technology.  They are in earth orbit looking down, not up.  There is almost literally no place in the world that one of those, or one of the newer ones cannot look through your window and see everything as well as you can. Are your shades and windows closed?  Less detail, but who is home and where they are – and likely what they are doing isn’t complicated to watch in real time.
The government doesn’t have the time, money or personnel to waste on things like following you around.  They are too busy chasing their tails and trying to keep their huge budgets.  The government doesn’t care, in the aggregate, what you do.  If they did, you couldn’t buy any kind of drug you want from your neighbor, or an unregistered gun from your uncle.  Oh, sure, that’s all illegal, but not so you’ll stop doing it.  It’s so they can hang you if you don’t walk in lockstep.
So everyone THINKS they are getting away with something, but those guns are manufactured in the US.  We make more than any other country.  We are the #1 source of personal and military weapons in the world.  And we are the primary profiteers of weapons in the world.  Then we demonize them so the price goes up.  NOT so people will own less or they are more difficult to obtain!  So the price goes up.  We did this with Prohibition.  By the time we got to the War on Drugs, the US had grasped that WE need the $trillions more than the Pashtuns.  So we cornered the market.  Sure, we manage to find seven to ten percent of what is being smuggled because the smaller cartels can’t afford the baksheesh.  But the BIG importers are never touched.
You hide your tiny bag of weed, but no one gives a shit about it.  Because if you are afraid of the government, you can have drugs and guns as long as it keeps you quiet and submissive – and afraid of being caught with it.

About Novorossiya.

First a brief history of the world today and a synopsis:

(1) Will Russia remain a new super power, or even survive as a country?  Yes.

(2) Will Ukraine?  Only as part of Russia.  The US and EU are tired of playing ‘Game of Thrones’ in Ukraine.

(3) Will Syria?  Yes, in some form.  Probably with Assad leading it. If it doesn’t, the tinderbox that is the middle east will set off a catastrophe the world cannot yet imagine.

(4) Will Turkey?  Not with Erdogan.

(5) Will the United States? Portugal used to be the dominant world power. The US will fade into the third world if it doesn’t destroy mankind first.

It is clear that Ukraine, at the direct orders of the US and NATO, is going to continue killing ethnic Russians in the breakaway regions as long as they can.  Winning the land back isn’t part of the plan.  Causing Russia as much trouble and expense as possible taking care of the people is the entire plan – along with accusing Russia of aggression on a daily basis.  If required, Ukraine can be ordered  by it’s US masters to attack Crimea directly – but that constitutes an attack on Russia – not one of the autonomous regions – and would require that Russia defend its borders.

The strategic plan is different.  It’s to bankrupt Russia and drop it back into third world status so that it can be controlled by the Rothschild central bank.  So far that plan is holding, but it can’t for much longer.  The people in the republics have declared their loyalty to Russia and if Russia won’t step in, they have vowed to create their own Republic exclusive of Ukraine and Russia too, if necessary.  It is to Russia’s shame that it continues to try to negotiate international agreements with enemies who have no intention of keeping their word and whose only purpose is to destroy the RF. But it’s just not powerful enough yet to take them on. Even so, every Russian politeness is seen in the west as weakness.

Russia does understand the dynamics clearly and is most certainly trying to buy time – they say until their ‘western partners’ come to their senses – but in reality it’s the time required to get the country on a war footing. They don’t have much of it left.  The west understands that it must crush Russia before Russia can adequately defend itself.

Let me say this clearly:  The west HAS pushed Russia into an economic war and WILL push them into a shooting war. Do not be deceived. Russia isn’t.

This plan becomes completely obvious when Russia sent assistance to Syria after the US ‘coalition’ SAID it was attacking ISIS, but in reality, the US created and is arming and funding ISIS. US politicians admit it on a daily basis – and still accuse Russia of being the aggressor.

That was the point of Turkey ambushing a Russian aircraft within the Syrian border at the orders of the US.  Turkey buys millions of gallons of stolen Syrian oil from ISIS and has every reason to protect ISIS – and of course, Erdogan is rabid about killing Kurds – all of them.  The first reporter who provided proof was Serena Shin – and Erdogan had her murdered.  I state this as a fact.

But first, do not be fooled about the demands that ASSAD must go.  NO ONE cares whether Assad goes or stays, just as no one cared if Gaddafi went or stayed, or Saddam.  The point has always been that you Arabs (and Russians…and Chinese…) must learn to do what the west tells you – if you don’t, we will demonize your leaders and destroy your countries.  We will employ paid mercenaries and arm and support them.  And after your country is gone. we’ll divide up the oil and make people spend petrodollars to buy it.

And we’ll divide up your land. Palestine,  Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and the northern half of Iraq are designated to be ‘Greater Israel’.  All of those Arab countries will simply disappear.  They are already disappearing.  Turkey controls the north of Iraq so it can invade Syria from the east while it’s ISIS mercenaries attack from the north and south.  Kurdistan will be stillborn.
Turkey will kill all of the Kurds and get Cyprus, maybe Greece too, and a lot more stolen oil for their part. Erdogan will have his Caliphate – for a while.

While that is happening, ISIS will destroy Syria, Lebanon and Jordan – but will somehow stop at Israel.  Then any Palestinians remaining can leave and join the ISIS mercenaries in invading the EU through Turkey – and doing as much damage to Russia and China as possible, creating major problems in those countries as well.

I’m just tipping the iceberg here.  Every country in the world has been promised a piece of the pie, and that promise is in the form of almost 1,000 US military bases in all of these countries which say:  You can have some money, and service our bases, or you can have a civil war and the survivors can service our bases.

All of the provocative moves by Turkey are reciprocated by similar moves in Ukraine.  The connection is not debatable.  The strategy is that the US is threatening Russia with NATO wars on at least two fronts, and possibly as many as four at once, and Russia probably can’t win a scenario like that.

Turkey can close the Bosphorus, illegally, and Cyprus can close their airports emergency traffic (illegally).  The US can blockade the Black Sea (illegally) and send serious weaponry and men to fight in Ukraine (illegally).  The UN can blockade the Russian ships in Syrian ports (illegally) and then fight a war of attrition.

But “illegally’ means nothing. The US recognizes no national or international law except the interests of the United States.  People who hope ‘international law’ will help are deluded.

Further, it has been the OFFICIAL US policy for at least 25 years to win a nuclear war by striking  ANY ENEMY first without warning. WE WILL SHOOT NUKES FIRST.  IT IS OUR NATIONAL POLICY.

Who pulled unilaterally out of the strategic arms limitation agreements?  The US.  They told everyone “we are not going to follow any rules for limiting nuclear weapons, and we are going to shoot our nukes first, without warning whenever we think we can win – or even if we think we might lose.”

Will we?  Absolutely. Because the ONLY way to eliminate the national debt is to make the economies we owe that money to disappear and then start loaning money to those nations to rebuild – so they are now in OUR debt.

Third grade math, given the right numbers, shows that the US population of 325 million people, half of whom live check to check and most of whom have no savings; and 25% of which have no steady job – in a country that has outsourced all its industry and most of its manufacturing – cannot support an additional $1 TRILLION dollars of debt a year.  It cannot pay the interest on the debt it had ten years ago – it has no effective corporate tax base.  It is making money by printing it on the skin of the citizens, and using their blood for ink. The United States cannot support itself.  It cannot support the armed forces of all the NATO countries (which only joined for the free goodies), and it cannot support a thousand military bases around the world.

ON THE 16th of DECEMBER – in four days – the FED is going to raise the interest rate by maybe 25 basis points.  They have to maintain the ridiculous fiction that the economy improving and everyone is doing just fine.  But by doing that they are pulling out the last stop and the US economy will have to fail during 2016.

What’s coming is a global money crunch.  You are going to be told its YOUR fault for making bad financial decisions.  Your homes and bank accounts are going to have to be taken away so professionals can make decisions for you.  You aren’t responsible enough to own firearms, so only police can have them.  You can’t decide what’s best for you, so the news will tell you what the requirements are. You may hunt for rabbits in designated areas if you have a bow and some arrows – or rats and mice in the inner cities.

But of course, before that happens, we have to beat those Russian invaders in a war and after them China, and we have to take out Assad so Israel has Lebensraum. Except it won’t happen.  The US has run itself into exactly the bankruptcy it ran Russia into in 1990 and now the tables have turned.

Russia need do nothing – in fact, it MUST do nothing.  It cannot get involved in an overt military engagement with the US until l the US economy tanks.  At that point, no one will give a damn for Ukraine or Syria and will want to know where the food is.

Here’s what I see happening in 2016 and I think we can all see it.  The US funded minority Nazis in Ukraine will be wiped out along with the US funded ISIS mercenaries in the middle east;  a few million of them will go to the EU and fuck it up beyond comprehension.

This will happen because the US government is too big to function and too broke to buy any more friends. It has too many masters and the various bosses don’t listen to the others – or the President – which is good most of the time.. That’s a death knell if there ever was one for the US.

What does Russia have to do to survive?  Keep doing something while pretending to do nothing – but it must defend it’s military forces instantly and convincingly.  If it does, the rest of NATO will begin infighting because they are ALL broke and cannot fund a war.

I look forward to Russian advisers and equipment in Slavyingrad starting this weekend – which is fanciful – but soon, at any rate.  Low key, but not hiding.  They must make the Ukraine/US give up the idea of capturing Crimea and doing any more serious damage, or they can expect Russian troops in Kiev.  If Kiev stupidly continues to believe that the US and the EU are going to ride in like they did in Iraq and spend two Trillion dollars on that disaster of a nation, they are wrong.  Ukraine won’t be prosperous again until it is part of Russia again.  Everyone knows that’s a fact.

Russia may have to be a BIT more circumspect in Syria – but not much.  If another Russian plane or ship is sniped, there will be some instant changes in the Central Committee. Some of them will retire due to health and never be seen again.  Putin has tried and tried not to have to do that because it will reek of Stalin’s purges.

This morning I have been reading Twitter posts from @lubalas, with whom I  usually agree, and some re-posts from the Saker:  http://thesaker.is/russia-in-an-invisible-war/

With whom I do and don’t agree, but I note that he burst on the scene too quickly and with too many resources to be a random blogger.  Still the article I linked is interesting.

We bloggers and opinion peddlers don’t know the reality – we are trying to guess at it by making observations, and that is a notoriously bad strategy – but it’s all we have.  No government is going to tell the truth about its strategic plans. But we can help ourselves by our knowledge.  For instance, while Russia doesn’t telegraph their blows, they know that people can see for themselves – so Putin and Lavrov are either honest or couch their words in diplo-speak.  They don’t lie.

The United states on the other hand has turned into a politically correct fairyland.  EVERY public official flatly lies about everything, period.  If Obama or Kerry or the State Department or the Pentagon said it, you KNOW it isn’t true; or at least I know it isn’t true. No one in the world who goose-steps with the US is telling the truth, and they all know it.

As the world turns – UPDATED, 8 DEC.

Last week Vladimir Putin cancelled the South Stream gas pipeline through Bulgaria because of western interference via the government of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria did what the US/EU/NATO told them to do and they ruined themselves. Some of the Bulgar pundits say ‘When the pipeline is finished, we can still buy gas from Turkey – the terminus is right there in Greece.’  But it’s not that easy. Bulgaria stood to make $650 Million Euros a year in transit fees for Russian gas which they could have taken in free gas.  They need it because they don’t have enough money to buy it otherwise. They lost that money and they STILL have to buy gas they can’t afford.

Now the terminus will be on the Greek Border.  Russia will sell gas to Turkey but Turkey won’t pass on the discount to Greece which will have to fund it’s own pipeline if it wants gas. Just like Bulgaria and the EU will have to fund their own pipelines (according to their own rules which were aimed at Gazprom but have backfired).

Because Russia owned the original South Stream, IT had to pay all the transit fees. Now it doesn’t have to pay any fees because it is giving Turkey discounted gas instead of transit fees. Now whoever owns the pipeline from the Turkish border to the EU will have to pay those transit fees and every country on the way will charge them.

Greece can’t afford a pipelinge to anywhere, especially not a transit pipeline to Bulgaria. Neither can Bulgaria. Or the EU. But if the EU somehow cobbled together the money for a pipeline, THEY would have to pay transit fees to Turkey AND Greece AND Bulgaria AND at least two other countries and maybe three or four. The gas will be expensive – more, probably, than the imaginary gas the US is not going to send by ship. So all those countries have effectively destroyed their energy security by following orders and acting against their own national interests in order to protect the petrodollar.

Greece isn’t going to pass on $600 Million Euros a year in transit fees to help Bulgaria – so Bulgaria might not get any gas at all.  Neither might Europe. And it’s no longer Russia’s ‘fault’.  Russia will sell and transport gas to Turkey and Turkey  will sell it at their border with Greece to whomever has arranged a pipeline and fees with Greece.

UPDATE: 8 DEC: http://russia-insider.com/en/2014/12/08/08-27-03pm/head_gazprom_ukraine_finished_gas_transporter?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

The head of Gazprom said today that the EU would, in future, have to purchase gas at the Turkish/Greek border.  😀

Putin scored a major coup by arranging to build that pipeline to Turkey but he he has a bigger plan.

Between December 10 and 20 when Putin visits India, he will announce that Russia and India, with China, have signed an agreement to build a gas pipeline from Gorno-altaysk via the G109/G318 Hwy. in China to Delhi.

Russia, China, India, Turkey and Iran have effectively barricaded themselves against NATO (with the tiny exception of Afghanistan – which is why Russia and the US fight over it) and will corner the market on almost all of the natural resources in Eastern Europe and Asia.

As a result, the petrodollar will fail and the new global superpower will be RussianEurasia, China, Turkey, India, Iran and…Syria.

Watch it happen. The EU-aligned and East European NATO countries will change their allegiances when the money starts coming from the new global powerhouse.

But the west can’t afford for that to happen.  The west is artificially depressing the price of oil in order to bankrupt Russia. After all, it worked in 1991.  It will make things tough, but Russia won’t be sanctioned out of existence this time.

But the US started something ELSE they can’t finish.  They are in very serious danger of destroying the US shale oil industry. It’s actually happening as we speak.   Then what?

Putin will let oil and the Ruble and gold continue to drop and, like China  (which just tightened their overheated repo market today, DEC 8 which also hads the effect of devaluating the Yuan) , continue to buy all the gold he can. The US stock market is hitting new highs every day, but it’s Monopoly money. It’s paper. It is called an ‘equity market’ but there is no equity, only debt. If the underlying companies go bad, the paper is worthless. And, in the US, gold is denominated in dollars. You can have a hundred pounds of gold, but you can’t spend it or, really, even carry it around. Which subsistence farmer do you think will give you a dressed chicken for an ounce of gold? None of them. Gold stores EXCESS wealth or backs currencies. There isn’t enough in the US to use as money anymore. The US economy is based on debt, not assets.

So Rubles hit bottom at ~100 Rubles to the dollar. Putin puts Russia on a gold standard. In one hour the Ruble is trading at ~5 to a dollar. In two hours it’s worth more than a dollar because it’s backed by gold and dollars are backed by nothing. In three hours, or as soon as the Yu an ‘meets’ the Ruble, the Yuan goes on a gold standard co-pegged to the Ruble – and all countries begin dumping treasuries.  That will cause the derivative market – all $120 Trillion of it – to implode.  ( I’ll explain why if someone really wants to know, but first read up on the Repo/Re-hypothecation derivative markets.)

That’s it. The Dollar, Yen and Euro become worthless. The US will launch a nuke first strike before that happens, but it won’t be successful.  I can tell you why, but you wouldn’t believe me.  🙂