Donald Trump hired the wrong people. He should have called me.

From Consortium News: War Fever There is a fever that seizes this land from time to time and it is the fever of war, a condition that this time seems immune to all known cures, starting with reason, as Daniel Lazare explores.  By Daniel Lazare  Special to Consortium News What happens when an unthinkable […]

Why no one trusts the US anymore

From Asia Times, 19 Apr, 2018 The page is returning a 404 error in the US..  but I grabbed it: Russia exposes British lies on Skripal, but trail leads to US Moscow says it has proof that the agent used in the UK attack is a chemical weapon patented in the US. So was this […]

America: the new global Humbug.

We don’t have any patriots or heroes anymore. We can’t look up to anyone as role models except grossly overpaid Hollywood types, the great majority of whom are brainless.  We no longer trust our government and for very good reason:  it is neither trustworthy nor does it operate in our best interests. Our citizenry has […]

A day in the life….

“What is that smell?” ‘I’m cooking bacon because the avocados are all getting ripe.’ (I’m too smart to ask what ripe avocados have to do with bacon, but I persevere.) “It doesn’t small like bacon.” ‘It’s Irish bacon.  I got it on sale.’ “Hahaha!  Irish bacon indeed.  Is it green? (snicker)” ‘Yes.  The man said […]

Why No one trusts the US ( From the National Security Archives)

NATO Expansion: What Yeltsin Heard Russian president led to believe Partnership for Peace was alternative to expanded NATO Documents show early Russian opposition to “neo-containment;” more U.S. assurances to Russia: “inclusion not exclusion” in new European security structures National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 621 View the posting Washington, D.C., March 16, 2018 – Declassified […]