Lou Pawlowich

Jan 3, 2016 Common Interest and Imbalance Hegemony an oligarchy are examples of imbalance. There does not seem to be a clear definition throughout the world pertaining to the different types of governing. Socialism, Fascism, democratic system, capitalism and communism are some of the forms of government. Each of these types of government have good […]

Rebooting society: Temporary life in a small, self-sufficient enclave.

Voting doesn’t work. Protesting in the streets gets you killed. We need a plan to take the world back before the 1% rolls out the global hunger games which take you, as a person, out of society.  It’s started, hasn’t it.  Everywhere. People who find themselves in small enclaves need to understand that they probably […]

I guess I’m bored.

Quantum mechanics: Massless particles can’t exist – without mass there is nothing to define them as particles – they are energy quanta – like nutrinos.  Photons, gauge bosons and gluons are supposedly ‘massless’ particles but the reference is to ‘invariant’ mass, not ‘relativistic’ mass and that distinction is made to simplify the math required when […]

There are only two possible interactions between living things.

Negotiation and force. This applies at every point of contact between two or more living things at all levels – personal to international – from plants to viruses to humans and beyond (if there are extraterrestrials). Passing by and pretending the other doesn’t exist is an unspoken, but negotiated peace.  It may not happen that […]

Thursday – No Hurricane for TBI; lava has stopped; my ducks are laying blue eggs.

L-R  goose, duck, shellless chicken egg (I don’t know how), chicken, dove     ANA  – ACCORDING TO THE LAST UPDATE, the windward side of the Big Island will have, on average, a 70% chance of getting a total rainfall accumulation of up to 9″ of rain spread over a six day period.  Winds could […]

Ebola/Ana/lava: Wednesday, updated continually.

ANA UPDATE – 18:00 Wednesday.  The governor proclaimed an emergency and Big Island schools will be closed Friday.  Therefore the storm will weaken and probably miss us completely, just throwing a little wind and rain; and that is now my official unofficial forecast.  At 13:00 Wednesday, my opinion WAS that the predicted track is fifty […]

Lava/Ana/ebola/everything – all here. Updates as available.

LAVA Still moving as of this morning. Not an issue until November if at all. +++++ ANA Strengthening. Look for her coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Whatever happened to you when Iselle came through is probably going to happen again this weekend. I suppose it depends on who you believe. I believe the […]