It’s not a mystery.

Trump won because America CLEARLY voted for CHANGE 8 years ago.  Obama promised that change, but didn’t deliver.  A lot of people think Trump will and if he goes way overboard, then that’s the way it is. The pendulum swings; it never stops going too far.  If Obama had come across, this wouldn’t have become […]

I voted to:

(1) Prevent nuclear war with Russia over Crimea and Syria and the constant, endless, illegal, US military wars all over the world.  We aren’t “fighting for freedom and democracy”.  We are suppressing free will and destroying countries and millions of lives. (2) Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.  Most particularly, […]

Dark energy and dark matter.

I have denigrated their existence believing that the total measurements of matter have been skewed and ‘dark’ was an unneeded complication. Now it occurs to me that dark energy and matter change from one form to another through time, so E=MC2 plays  – probably in that very form. Dark matter is treated the same way […]

Hillary stole the nomination and destroyed the world.

“She never forgets who she is fighting for”  -Howard Dean about Hillary Clinton That’s true.  And it’s her.  Does anyone actually grasp why pharma companies can charge so much for medicines?  Hillary did that for them with Obama’s help.  It started back in the Bill Clinton days. I don’t suppose anyone remembers when US student […]

Some know. None care.

You have to assume, because the technology exists, that someone knows where you are and what you do 24/7/365.  Where you buy gas, what aisles you walk down in stores and what you look at while you are there.  What you eat, where every penny of your money comes from and goes to.  How much […]

Roundup Ready? Never mind. The water pump blew up again.

I want to kill some weeds in my yard.  But how can I do it without making my property a Superfund site?  Why the newest non-toxic poison, of course! I am going to try and explain something I probably can’t explain.  I’d need to refer to an endrocrinologist.  So I will eschew the science of […]