Regarding the lL-20 shootdown

Regarding the IlL-20 shootdown. I quote from the official Russian statement: “the Israeli military failed to provide the location of their jets or properly specify their targets, claiming they were going to attack several ‘industrial facilities’ in northern Syria, close to the Il-20’s area of operation. The misinformation prompted the Russian Command to order the […]

IL-20 shootdown: The big picture

The US engineered the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Since then the Russian people endured incredible hardship as their country was thrown into turmoil thorough ‘glasnost’ and the US puppet Yeltsin. Putin successfully brought Russia back from the brink and in 2014 when he stopped the US from getting Crimea, for which we put Poroshenko […]

Impending war with Russia.

On Thursday September 13th, Assistant Secretary of State Manisha Singh declared before the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee that the United States would level the most severe of sanctions against Russia, including breaking all diplomatic ties, if Russia refused to admit its guilt in perpetrating the Skripal assassination fiasco and refused to submit […]

What is wrong with the world: a simple explanation.

There are too many people. There are over 7.6 Billion people on earth today. There isn’t enough food to feed them. There isn’t enough water for them to drink. And at the current rate there will be almost 12 Billion by 2100. — You can research this all you like, but most of it is […]

Russell "Texas" Bentley

UNSC Stalemate and The Great Game I just finished watching the live kabuki theater of the UNSC September 11th meeting on Syria, broadcast by Sputnik News. As usual, the immeasurable hypocrisy of France, UK and US, (FUKUS) along with the craven obsequiousness of Western states like Poland and Sweden, and other minions like Kuwait, were […]

The US is protecting Al Qaeda

From Information Clearinghouse by Eric Zuesse Reprinted by request Please go here to read the original at ICH if you want to follow all of Erics links: September 14, 2018 “Information Clearing House” – There’s plenty of proof that the U.S. Government protects Al Qaeda in Syria. Right now, America is protecting Al Qaeda’s […]

Today’s musings

The US ‘punishes’ countries which don’t bow down. Superpower status can never be maintained by destroying countries militarily or economically or seeing how badly you can hurt them. Wealth does not depend upon how many weapons you make or sell because then you must continue to find enemies to use them against, or find enemies […]