Lava Prediction, Friday, UPDATED 19:30

The lava has started moving again. The map is now current.  I came back in to check when Chopper 1 went over my house this evening.  Looks like we are back to twice-a-day chopper flights. At this point it really doesn’t make a lot of difference for property values south of …say….HPP.  They are tanking. […]

Lava Prediction, Thursday, 19:00 – and my weekly rant.

It’s leaking a little but not moving.  I called someone today. “Hey, instead of $5,000 an hour for the county helicopter, why not just ask the police officers you have up there restricting access or one of the HVO observers who are there 24/7 to call in if it breaks out and THEN send the […]

I can just about guarantee that Ebola is loose in the wild in the US.

Minor update:  Liberia will prosecute the man who brought ebola to the US for falsifying an exit document.  He knew he had been exposed and said he hadn’t.  Checking a box before getting on a flight to anywhere is all one needs to spread ebola to the world.   He knew he had it when […]

Lava Prediction, 29 September, 21:30

The lava advanced ~75 feet yesterday, but not to the front.  It’s no closer to 130 than it was when it stopped.  The good news is that there is a pretty good picture to go along with the topo. I am sure some enterprising person beside me has overlaid the picture and the topo. […]

Lava Prediction, 28 September, 19:30

My hiatus didn’t last very long.  The lava front moved ~75 feet today. That’s statistically unimportant, but it did move.  They didn’t say how wide it was, but at that rate it could reach highway 130 by about…Sunday, January 11, 2015.  However, 75 feet a day is not much faster than three feet an hour […]