Emotion beats logic every time.

I REALLY wish the citizens of Earth could come off their emotional roller coasters long enough to see they are being played. If someone is emotionally involved in something – anything- they do not have the intellectual capacity to view that issue rationally. People with strong beliefs have them because those are the beliefs which make them comfortable. Not because they are true, If something is true, you don’t have to believe in it.

(1) Politicians ARE politicians because they have an unquenchable thirst for money, status and personal power – not necessarily in that order.

(2) Politicians serve the people who elected them.

(3) Voters are not those people.

For instance: Russia, China, Iran and North Korea pose no threat to the US or, really, anyone else. None of them have a thousand military bases and outposts all over the world and none of them have bases surrounding the US. But the US does have thousands of bases all over the world and completely surrounds all of them. And if they have nuclear weapons they can’t afford, it isn’t for the purpose of world domination. It is because the US has them and threatens them with those weapons.

The simple fact is that the US became the dominant power because of the petrodollar which used to be backed by gold but is now backed by nothing. After WW2 the dollar, backed by gold, was the most stable currency in the world. When the US and Saudi Arabia began to require that all oil transactions be made in dollars, everyone had to have dollars to buy energy. Now the US has weaponized the dollar and uses it to control the world. If someone wants to trade in another currency, the US destroys their country. But the US began long before WW2.


Now the US has become overt about world domination. The fact is that if the US has a military base in a foreign country, it can use those forces against that country. Calling them ‘allies’ or NATO is well and good, but it’s fluff. There aren’t any German, UK, or NATO military bases in the US.

Nordstream 2 doesn’t threaten Europe’s independence. It threatens the US overseas market for expensive LNG. Huawei isn’t a ‘security threat’ to anyone, and China inn’t stealing US money with the bad trade deals WE negotiated, or stealing our industry because WE outsourced it to them to make a few wealthy people mega-rich at our expense. And spying on personal details? Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and everyone else haves huge CIA/NSA contracts. They spy on everyone and everything for the government. You know it and you don’t care. But the issue is Chinese Chinese electronics manufacturing, not spying. They are catching up…ZTE used to be a big deal but it got slapped soundly by US ‘sanctions’ because they were taking our profits – because they were making better equipment. Now Huawei is making better equipment. All kinds. Much better phones than Apple or Samsung in my opinion and I own all three. I don’t use my Galaxy S9 anymore and my crappy iPhone 8+ is sitting here unused next to my old 6S+ and (2) S5s . I gave my two S3s away to people who wanted to use them as iPods. My Huawei Mate 20, not even NEAR the top of their line kills the new iPhones going away and cost a third of what Apple wants for their clunks. You want a sweet quadcopter? You can get a DJI knock-off for a couple hundred bucks. But you want a DJI if you want the best you can get.

Remember when the thing to to have was a Motorola Star-Tac or an IBM PC? China’s Lenovo owns Motorola Mobility now and the IBM PC division. China also owns other things. Volvo. GE appliances. Smithfield foods. Club Med. Hoover vacuums. AMC theaters. Starwood hotels. Ingram micro. Terex. The Legend entertainment group. Genworth Financial. Almost everything you buy in the US was made in China. Darn little isn’t.

Then again, BF Goodrich and RCA are owned by the French, Carnation and Gerber by the Swiss and of course, Chrysler (Chtysler, Jeep, Ram, Mopar) are owned by the Italian company Fiat.

OK, back to the US strategy: If we can’t compete fairly, we have a bigger military and we control the Petrodollar, so we’ll just sanction everyone else into starvation, threaten them and blow them away if we want to . We’ll call it ‘Defending American Values’. Which it is, exactly.

Did Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now post-USSR Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela ever pose a ‘threat to democracy’? Of course not. They merely wanted to trade energy in currencies other than the Petrodollar. So we have to crush them if we can.

Has NATO served any purpose after 1991 then the USSR fell? ABSOLUTELY! NATO countries have to buy all of their major weapons systems from the us US weapons or integrate their own into the NATO (read US) communications system – which happens to allow overall US command and control of their major systems on demand. Turkey bought S-400s from Russia (so did China) and the US can’t control them. So Turkey can’t have them.

The bottom line in the current situation is that the war between the Repugnicans and Demoncrats is a turf war between mafia families to see who can profit more from lucrative military/industrial contracts and campaign contributions. None of them give a damn about the citizenry or the Constitution. They are playing to rich people’s money and poor people’s emotions and everyone laps it up.

In other news, First American Title inadvertently exposed up to 885 MILLION title insurance customers’ data this week. Basically every transaction since 2003. they may have given away your:

Social Security number; Mortgage and tax records; Bank account numbers and statements; Wire transaction receipts; Driver’s license images.

Clearly we don’t need to worry about Huawei stealing your personal data.

I may rant on about all of this in detail eventually but you can look around this blog and find out what happed the MH-370 and some other things you may not know – or believe. I can lead you to knowledge but I can’t make you think.

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