9/11 – What REALLY happened to the World Trade Center?

I have written this a dozen times.  It disappears.  This time I am only going to hit the high notes.  If you want to investigate, go ahead.

Jet airliners hit The Twin Towers.  They burned for awhile as one would expect…and then the towers turned to dust.  It should not have happened.  Nothing hit Tower 7 but it turned to dust too.  You can see on the videos the controlled explosions happening sequentially on every floor from the top down as the building was dropped by demolition charges.

When those towers were being built, the five organized crime families in New York absolutely controlled the building trades, trucking, construction, concrete and sanitation as well as a few more things.  They simply skimmed millions off the top by substituting sand for part of the concrete in the towers, thus effectively building sand castles.  I once  figured out the percentages of sans to concrete and aggregate required to create an effect like we saw on TV that day, but I don’t remember them…I faintly recall that they would have had to replace a quarter to a third of the concrete with sand but don’t quote me.

At some point either the old owners of the property or the new owner discovered that the buildings were slowly disintegrating.  Time, vibration and wind effect were going to destroy them. So the second owner insured them against a terrorist attack, created one, and had a few charges set to make sure it would work if the planes didn’t do it.  Not thousands of charges, and nothing that would make anyone suspicious because workers were in the building structure all day every day doing routine maintenance anyway.  A lot of workers and inspectors and different faces every day, even to the regular maintenance staff.  No one ever thought a thing about it.

When it became clear the planes weren’t going to do the job, the charges were set off and the towers turned to dust. The planes didn’t take down the building.. They just provided a plausible cover.  The owner collected the insurance and walked away and GW Bush got the wars he wanted.  Building 7 was dropped in the same way but that was obvious – everyone could see the detonations.  But no one carried the thought process to it’s lofical conclusion.

That’s what happened because nothing else comes even close to fitting the facts – the simplest and most obvious explanation does.  Now you know.

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