The Kavanaugh lynching

I had better explain what these Kavanaugh allegations are about because the obvious seems too complicated. They are false of course. What no one sees is that his accuser didn’t say anything 36 years ago. She didn’t come forward when he was nominated. She remained silent when it looked like he would be confirmed. And then he was asked about Roe v Wade and he waffled. He was INSTANTLY accused of a sex crime that supposedly happened 36 years ago but wasn’t reported. A floodgate of ‘supporting characters appeared, none of whom saw anything. The statute of limitations expired 30 years ago and there is obviously no evidence left, so no charges can ever be filed. It is simply a character assassination. Here’s why:

The confirmation now has no basis except ‘he said – she said’. She can’t prove he did it and he can’t prove he didn’t, so it no longer has anything to do with his qualifications. It has been reduced to an emotional issue with no basis in law.

She came forward for only one reason. Because someone, and I won’t point my finger at liberal feminists, believe they are saving a generation of women by making sure they have access to family counseling and abortion services. That in itself is laudable. The right to freedom of choice is enshrined in the Constitution. But their methods are slimy, underhanded, dishonest and wrong.

The timing and nature of the accusation, and the fact it is unprovable either way, makes it immediately obvious that it’s a hit. If Kavanaugh was smart enough to be on the Supreme court, and I say that in the full knowledge that almost none of the other mopes who are there now are smarter than warm rocks, he would have seen the connection immediately and said so – and then EVERYONE would have seen it. Instead, he cried.

American jurisprudence has gone from ‘innocent until proven guilty’ to ‘guilty until proven innocent’. Unfortunately it is impossible to prove you didn’t do something that never happened. In most allegation cases, even proving it happened at all isn’t possible. She said something happened. There is no proof. She said he did it. There is no proof. He said he didn’t. There is no proof. There is no rational basis here for a decision – and that’s the point. It will be decided on emotion and nothing else.

And that is the State of the Union in 2018.

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