IL-20 shootdown: The big picture

The US engineered the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Since then the Russian people endured incredible hardship as their country was thrown into turmoil thorough ‘glasnost’ and the US puppet Yeltsin. Putin successfully brought Russia back from the brink and in 2014 when he stopped the US from getting Crimea, for which we put Poroshenko into power to give us for a NATO base, the Russians believed that were on the way to becoming a world power again and they were proud and happy. They were convinced that Russia had built a world class military with cutting edge weapons and no longer had to bow down to every western whim. Putin said almost as much.

But when Turkey intentionally shot down a Russian jet, no one did anything. When the west, through the proxy of Ukraine started killing Russians in Donbass, Russia didn’t stop it. They negotiated a treaty which Ukraine has NEVER honored…and is still killing Russians in Donbass. No one in Russia was happy about that.

Then Russia bowed to the west after drawing a red line around Idlib. The west saw that as fear and cowardice and so did many Russians. Now either Israel or France, or both of them in collusion, killed 15 Russian soldiers and shot down an unarmed Russian military aircraft to test Russia’s resolve. And in one or two sentences, Putin told the west that he had no resolve…and he told the Russian military and the Russian people that none of what they had been told was true – that they were not a world power – that their military wasn’t going to defend its own soldiers – that Russia isn’t really a world power at all – and that their dream is gone.

So the US is sending NATO into Ukraine and will continue, along with France, the UK and Germany among others to garrison Ukraine, destroy Novorossiya and take Crimea back. And we, with Turkey, Israel, France and NATO are still going to destroy Syria and Iran, followed by Russia. Because we now know that they can’t stop us….and so do the citizens of Russia.

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