What is wrong with the world: a simple explanation.

There are too many people.
There are over 7.6 Billion people on earth today.
There isn’t enough food to feed them.
There isn’t enough water for them to drink.
And at the current rate there will be almost 12 Billion by 2100.
— You can research this all you like, but most of it is right here: http://www.worldometers.info

The REAL problem though, is that there isn’t enough money.  In our system, gold is money. Everything else is debt.

Gold is used as money because it doesn’t rust or evaporate.  The ONLY reason money was invented was to enable people to (1) sell seasonal or perishable food items or goods and carry the value until they could buy something in another season or in a distant location, and (2) engage in service professions.

But only 180,000 tons of gold has EVER been produced…a little over $6 Trillion dollars by todays standards.

The total global debt is a bit over $121 Trillion.  It cannot be paid with $6 Trillion dollars in gold.  It can never be paid…because the bottom line is this:
There is not enough gold or food to trade for that debt.  Global economies ONLY work by shuffling IOUs backed by nothing at all which creates more debt and call it ‘trade’.  But it isn’t.  It’s a game. It’s not even a zero-sum game because the only thing the paper can be traded for is more paper.

(3) What the HELL is the US doing?
The US created all of this debt by creating the Petrodollar, which USED to be as good as gold. Then the US ran out of gold.  So we took the dollar off the gold standard and started printing paper, backed by nothing, which the world happily gobbled up because they trusted that we could make it good…which we did for a few years in international settlement. But then everyone assumed Fort Knox was full of gold and started trading back and forth in paper because it made no
sense to keep shipping gold back and forth across the ocean to and from the same places. Trade was in dollars because everyone assumed that they could settle for gold if they ever wanted to.  Now everyone knows better.  We don’t have any gold and we spent all the rest we were storing for them.

So now there is ONLY the dollar and the EU, UK, Japan, etc., have NOTHING in their treasuries except our worthless paper. So we own them. Period. End of story. A few countries DID hold some gold, though: Iraq…Libya…Syria…Iran…Russia…China. Get the picture? They could have burst our petrodollar bubble by trading for energy (which translates to food) in gold. Irag tried. Libya tried. Syria tried. Now Iran is trying and, by necessity, so are Russia and China.

No one can go completely back to a gold standard because there isn’t enough. China and Russia can, however, issue bonds, contracts and limited currencies which ARE convertible to gold because they have enough gold.  But they have to control that trade and those currencies VERY carefully or the rest of the world will simply buy up their currency with debt dollars, convert it to gold, and then they will have nothing.  And THAT is why it is almost impossible for anyone to drop the dollar in trade.  Because when that bubble bursts, it will blow up the entire global economy.

It isn’t that other countries can’t trade in local currencies.  They can, and more do, every day. It is that those trades cannot be connected to the dollar in any way. So they cannot trade with countries invested totally in dollars because then they are trading goods and energy for debt – which makes no sense.

Bottom line: The US MUST maintain the petrodollar.  If it does not, the entire global economy will fail instantly. No one is immune. Russia and China might survive if they can trade energy for food with each other for a decade, but the rest of the world will be gone.

The US and Israel don’t care about chemical and biological weapons. WE have the only remaining major stocks of both and are actively making more. We don’t give a damn about how many people are killed in Syria (or Iraq or Libya) or anywhere else. WE have killed most of them and caused the rest and everyone knows it.  But if Syria, Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela or even Saudi Arabia try to bail out of the petrodollar we will either destroy them with trade wars and sanctions or, if necessary, hot war – even nuclear war.

That is what you see happening in the world. That is all there is to it. It is as simple and easy to understand as that.

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