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The US ‘punishes’ countries which don’t bow down.

Superpower status can never be maintained by destroying countries militarily or economically or seeing how badly you can hurt them. Wealth does not depend upon how many weapons you make or sell because then you must continue to find enemies to use them against, or find enemies for your customers to use them against.

Success can only come by engaging every country in mutually beneficial trade and defending your borders against a military invasion. But if there is enough trade, and it’s sufficiently mutually beneficial, no country will every have an incentive to invade another because no one will win anything.

Both strategies create a self-enforcing feedback loop but one will destroy the human race much sooner than the other..

After 18 years in Afghanistan we are losing a VERY expensive war for no reason at all.

Kandahar, Afghanistan, formerly called Alexandria Arachosia is named for Alexander the Great who founded it in 329BC.

In addition to providing troops and aircraft for US forces in Afghanistan, the US pays for the entire Afghan military and police establishment, including all payroll and operating expenses.

The Skripal case.

I have previously stated that the UK ‘CCTV’ footage of ‘Petrov’ and ‘Borishov’ is fake. I stand by it as a working hypothesis. Those pictures are only vaguely similar to ANY CCTV-type footage typically taken in the UK and the people in them bear only a passing resemblance to the two people RT interviewed. Furthermore, all CCTV footage must be time and date stamped or it is useless. The pictures appear phony in any case, but I don’t particularly believe the accounts of the people in the RT interview either. They were vague and unconvincing. A lot of that was because the questions they were asked were vague and unconvincing. The interviewer was either totally incapable of asking appropriate questions or the interview was as bogus as the ridiculous story the UK is peddling.

Correct investigation methodology:

(1) Develop a timeline. This requires an official police investigation, but police must investigate to prove innocence as well as guilt in order to narrow the field of suspects in any criminal case. Innocent people are ALWAYS willing to cooperate.

(a) Compare their passports with both the passport photos the UK published and the CCTV footage and ask if they are the ones recorded on CCTV. Note the time and date of their passport entry and exit stamps from both Russia and the UK. Look at their airline and hotel receipt and any other receipts from the UK for time and date, how and by whom they were paid. If they were not paid by these individuals from their own bank accounts who paid them? Compare them to the CCTV times and dates. Verify the times, locations and duration of all cell calls to or from these people during their time in the UK and for a month before and after or all calls placed from their hotel or on calling cards AND any other purchases they made. Only then we will have a starting point.

The US in Syria.

US/Turkish mercenaries holding Idlib are being heavily re-armed with large offensive weapons by the US and Turkey in order to allow them to prevent Syria from freeing Idlib and, in fact, to allow them to attack Hamas and Aleppo again. The US still intends to destroy Syria, Iran and Russia and will probably succeed unless Russia stands up right now. I believe it will as soon as the US attacks Syria again on whatever pretext. Turkey, which was cowed into jumping back on the side of the US against Russia will pay a very heavy price for Erdogan’s dream of becoming the Sultan of a new Ottoman empire. The US cannot win there as long as we are in-fighting and Israel is running our foreign policy. Still, no one here is smart enough to see that in a fight between the US/UK/France/Turkey and Syria/Iran/Russia in Syria, the only country left standing in the ME when it is over will be Israel.

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