International law: US version

It should be obvious to everyone in the world by now that the US believes no international law or rules of conduct apply to us and that the rules which apply to everyone else are whatever we decide they are.

We do not attack and invade other countries, we save them from oppressive dictators – and if we kill millions of civilians in the process of looting their treasuries and natural resources, it’s for their own good…it’s worth it to us. But don’t worry. After we have what we came for and finish installing whoever we choose to govern your country for us, we will leave only a small occupation force when we go and you can rebuild your country with the sweat and toil of your own people.

You must now buy everything from us and do what we tell you…we OWN you. But if you are good slaves and don’t complain, we will allow you to pretend you are still a sovereign nation. If you don’t, we will be back.

But we don’t invade everyone. Only the countries which don’t have a US controlled central bank or those who don’t want let us control them with the Petrodollar. The rest are simply wholly owned subsidiaries which we eventually induct into NATO. When that happens, they have to begin buying huge amounts of armaments from us to support our military industrial complex. We say it’s for ‘interoperability’ but what that really means is that we control it and how you use it. We can simply disable the electronics in all of it if you ever decide to try and use it against us and, of course, we control all of your communications. Or we can stop supplying spare parts and your entire military will be defunct within months.

So look out, all of you big, strong men. Uncle Sam’s off to war again. Gonna blow up Syria and sack Iran, but taking out Russia is the only real plan.

Russia, Iran and Turkey now seek ‘political solution’ in idlib but they know better. When all the US coup attempts failed, it invaded Syria with Turkey and Qatar. The US and Israel won’t allow any ‘political solutions’ in Syria or Iran (or Russia for that matter) which don’t depose the governments and put our people in power.

For clarification: In Syria, people defined as ‘Terrorists’ and ‘Rebels’ may come from different groups or factions, but EVERY ONE of them is a trained, armed and paid mercenary for the US/NATO, assisted by Turkey, Israel, Qatar, Ukraine and others. Some of them IGHT think they are fighting jihad but their efforts only benefit Israel and the US which is the ONLY reason the US wants the war to continue. The US is doubly duplicitous because in order to keep these ‘jihadis’ stupid, they are occasionally allowed to hunt down a few Orthodox Christians and kill them. Then they go back to fighting fellow Muslims. To me, the fact that the US kills off other nations in the name of ‘freedom and liberty’ is evil. There is no possible excuse for evil.

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