Venezuela has much of the known global oil reserves, along with Iran and Russia. We stepped up our grab for Venezuela yesterday and are trying very hard to isolate Iran and Russia so we can get them too, but that’s a big jump. If China and Russia step in to try and save Venezuela, we’ll immediately invade through Colombia. Neither Russia nor China can maintain supply lines that far across the ocean, so we will get Venezuela…and then we will use their oil (while they starve) to replace Iranian and Russian oil supplies to the EU until we bankrupt them both.

THEN we will go right back to Ukraine and try to take Russia out with a coup followed by conventional weapons. The assumption is that Iran will be toppled and back in our hands by then and that Russia will either be out of play or afraid to use nukes to defend itself. After that, we own the world’s energy again and the world. I doubt it will work, but you may watch it unfold.

Edit: 5 August 2018

Having started in Venezuela,  we are now going to initiate a military attack against Iran.  I anticipate it will be in the near-term and certainly before November.  We will see how Russia, China and India respond.

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