Why No one trusts the US ( From the National Security Archives)

NATO Expansion: What Yeltsin Heard Russian president led to believe Partnership for Peace was alternative to expanded NATO Documents show early Russian opposition to “neo-containment;” more U.S. assurances to Russia: “inclusion not exclusion” in new European security structures National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 621 View the posting Washington, D.C., March 16, 2018 – Declassified […]

One of the US false flag incidents designed to start war with Russia ( from 2014)

Sinister Pretext for War with Russia And here is Victoria Nuland lying about Syria. Oh….and I would have shot him too. Sent: Mon, Sep 1, 2014 10:14 pm Subject: Photo: Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson MO Police Department Look what that sweet little innocent thing did to this police officer, but I guess Holder, […]

I wrote this years ago. I probably published it years ago. It was in my ‘drafts’ folder. Here you go.

It was worth the listing fee to be the first person in history to use an Ebay ad as a blog. Somewhere in here there is a beautiful home and potential B&B for sale as well. In the safest place on earth. I have cleared up some confusion about insurance, volcanoes, hurricanes and dissed the […]

Sometimes I think the clouds part for a few seconds and I can see the ballet.

I won’t list those times because I already have. I prefer to write about the future which, I know as well as anyone else, cannot be predicted. So here goes. The US is going to go bankrupt with fiat currency derivatives.  That’s not very difficult to predict. But the concept that precious metals will retain […]

March 1, 2018: The US jumped the shark.

President Trump’s really bad idea of increasing import tariffs in a bid to limit China’s exports here is not a solution to China Rising.  The solution would have been to stop greedy US corporations from offshoring everything to China, Vietnam, Korea, Bangladesh, etc., and even Canada and Brazil beginning in the 90s. Now we have […]