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Medical Doctors in the United States.

Are starting a new business plan.  Many doctors are starting to charge their patients some amount ( the average I have heard is ~$15 a month) for the privilege if being the doctor’s patient, regardless of any medical insurance the … Continue reading

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Modern commercials…

OK, I was walking through the living room for some reason and I came within audio range of the TV, which always seems to be on.  I heard snippets of two commercials.  One was a toilet bowl cleaner and one … Continue reading

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Gay people aren’t gay by choice.  They are born that way and they ought to be tolerated and accepted. They are as good as anyone else – but no better.  ‘Gay pride’ is a bit over the edge in my … Continue reading

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Black holes, Big Bangs, Aliens and The End.

We don’t have the physics to describe it yet, but black holes don’t destroy everything that falls into them. They convert most of it into pre-elemental particles and squirt it out into another universe which keeps expanding, exactly like ours. … Continue reading

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