Quantum Enigma.

Subatomic particles probably aren’t particles at all.  They are more likely energy fields which don’t coalesce into discrete particles until they are disturbed.   And so, electron clouds are actually variable energy fields,  not actual particles orbiting a nucleus: that is merely our perception.  Observation itself alters the energy fields into particles, which is what […]

On the Turkish incursion into Syria

Erdogan’s push into Syria has Ottoman empire coloration, but it is probably just as much an effort to develop a patriotic following for his personal brand rather than for the protection of the state of Turkey after the Stalinist-type purge which lopped the head off of the military. Unfortunately, it isn’t proving to be an […]

Picking up a chameleon in Iran equates to being a nuclear spy.

Iranian military official says West used lizards to spy on Iran’s nuclear program February 16, 2018 by Joseph Fitsanakis The former chief of staff of Iran’s Armed Forces has said that foreign governments used different species of lizards, including chameleons, to spy on the Iranian nuclear program. The claim was made by Hassan Firuzabadi, a veteran […]

The secret of Chinese counterfeits.

There are several levels of counterfeit products from China. Top-level counterfeits come off the same production line as the real ones.  The only difference is that the owner of the brand doesn’t get 10,000 percent profit from Chinese labor. And that’s the ONLY difference most of the time. Sometimes though, with ‘smart’ goods, a few […]

Medical Doctors in the United States.

Are starting a new business plan.  Many doctors are starting to charge their patients some amount ( the average I have heard is ~$15 a month) for the privilege if being the doctor’s patient, regardless of any medical insurance the patient has and more physicians are jumping on every day. The patient still has to […]