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The world around us.

Dear climate-change-denier idiots and bleeding heart liberals: “Global warming” doesn’t mean that every place on earth is getting warmer.  It means the atmosphere is changing and climate is becoming radical and unpredictable.  Hurricanes will trend toward categories 5, 6 and … Continue reading

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The Marine Corps, 1966-1970

I joined as an enlisted man because I wanted to see it from the bottom up.  I anticipated becoming an officer. I already had a pilot’s license and I was going to make it a career. But in boot camp … Continue reading

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Israel, the Middle East and US policy

The fighting in Yemen makes no sense to outsiders.  Yemen cannot sustain itself as a sovereign country, much less pose a threat to Saudi Arabia. Iran cannot logistically support a conflict there except as a thorn in Saudi’s side, even … Continue reading

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North Korea’s ICBM program

Even if the DPRK fired a dozen nuke-tipped ICBMs at the US, they could not reasonably expect more than a handful to be effective and the response would be hundreds. Kim Jong Un could only be effective if he launched … Continue reading

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