The world is hard to understand.

And everyone you talk to has a different reason for it…but I’ll tell you the REAL one.

First, some background.  In 1800, the global population had increased to one billion people.   Just over 200 years later it’s approaching 7.5 billion.  The earth can support ~3.5 billion indefinitely,  but not 7.5.  And in another hundred years, we’ll have between 11 and 12 billion. Except we won’t.  By then we will have eaten all the food, polluted the ground, despoiled the oceans and used up all the non-renewables.  If there are any humans left, and the odds say there won’t be, they will be living in sort of a Mad Max world but without machines or electricity.

We are already on that road.  You can see it happening all around you. People are getting crazy and violent.  The weather is spinning out of control, the oceans are polluted…I can go on, but the bottom line here is that it CAN’T get any better because the population will never stop increasing – until there isn’t any more food.

OR…or…until someone takes over, decreases the population, and gets the whole world under control so it doesn’t happen again.  There are people who have thought of that very thing. They are moving an agenda called the ‘New World Order’ to do that very thing.

The intend for the world to be one nation…or a lot of nations with open borders, which one government controls.  If you want to know what a great idea that is, look at the EU, in which ‘The EU’  assumes sovereignty over its member nations.

So one global village, run by one government which isn’t elected.  In some countries, to maintain the pretense that people actually have some say in their own lives, elections are held, but all the candidates are pre-selected lackeys.  And that was working wonderfully until Hillary actually pushed Donald Trump into the race because she thought he’d be a lot easier to beat than Bernie Saunders…but she was wrong.  Even control of the press, which gave her a 99.3% chance of winning, couldn’t stop the people from saying ‘NO MORE’.

Sadly though, there IS more.  Having lost the election, the 1% has not lost the battle because they control the money and most of the world’s governments.  So they are doing something else.  First, they are trying to demonize separate races, but especially whites.   Because they want ‘one race’ and even ‘one sex’ to go along with ‘one nation’ and ‘one government’.

Because historically, whites have always ascended and conquered eventually, and no other race has been able to do that.  Whites tend to be ruthless and the other races tend to be subservient.  The way to beat whites out of what they  have is simply to make them feel guilty until they GIVE their power and control away.  Amazingly enough, THAT IS WORKING, TOO!!  Europe and much of the US is simply willing to lay down and be overrun.

But there is still more.  In order to disrupt the concept of family bonds ( after everyone’s pride in their country and race is gone) is to eliminate silly concepts like Male and Female and convince everyone that gender is merely a concept that white males invented to control women…and that anyone can mix and match, and switch gender as often as they like.  So what you are starting to see on subways and on public transportation all over the world, is this:

If you watch TV, or even a Disney movie, you are going to be assaulted with things like this – and so are your kids, who are being taught that this is just fine:

Sweden is lost…France is lost… and the other EU nations are tanking because of their liberal, white, male guilt and the NWO’s open border policy.  Canada is on that road and the US is close behind, but we still have the chance to wake up.  But Russia and China aren’t – and that makes them enemies which must be destroyed.  All this Russia/Putin bashing is nonsense.  If you don’t think so, go online and meet some Russians. Ask them.  Crimean Russians voted to be re-uniteds with Russia and are thrilled about it.  ASK them.  Find some Chinese.  ASK THEM!

Today’s news from China:

An official ban on burqa (fully body coverings), veils and “abnormal beards” went into effect on 1 April in China’s Xinjiang-Uighur Autonomous Region. The ban is part of a continuing crackdown on religious extremism.

The 15 new regulations require government workers in airports, railway stations and other public places to “dissuade” women who fully cover their faces and bodies from entering and report them to the police.  They also prohibit the “abnormal growing of beards and naming of children to exaggerate religious fervor.”

New regulations also state that it will be forbidden to “reject or refuse radio, television and other public facilities and services”; to marry using religious rather than legal procedures and “to use the name of Halal to meddle in the secular life of others.”

“Parents should use good moral conduct to influence their children, educate them to revere science, pursue culture, uphold ethnic unity and refuse and oppose extremism.” The document also bans not allowing children to attend regular school, not abiding by family planning policies and deliberately damaging legal documents.”

Chinese cannot dress or act out their Islamic nonsense in public anymore.  That’s a good thing – but in the US it’s being called ‘Religious Oppression’.  It isn’t – they are merely protecting China’s national sovereignty.

All countries which want to remain sovereign have to control their borders and decide who can enter.  Period.  Your children and grandchildren, if they are strong enough to live in these times have to understand what is happening around them.  They have to be told that a lot of this simply is not OK.  And they have to get the message, or they will be dead…or slaves.

Don’t take my word for any of this.  Don’t take the media’s word for it either.  You have eyes.  See for yourself.



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