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Why we demonize Putin

The Central Banks…the Rothschilds…finally got control of the US economy in 1914, they had known for many years that we had a young, strong nation with unlimited natural resources for the time. They saw that no country in Europe had … Continue reading

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Yes, I will tell you what I mean by that.

When a black ‘journalist stated that Wikileaks had hacked the CIA and someone disparaged him, I said “He’s kinda black, so….”. What I mean is that in the US, everyone is equal: each person has an equal opportunity to stand … Continue reading

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Background: ‘The FAA issued an Airworthiness Directive (AD) on September 26 asking that additional checks on the Boeing 777 fleet worldwide be conducted during scheduled maintenance . ‚ÄúThis proposed AD would require repetitive inspections of the visible fuselage skin and … Continue reading

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