Christine Dominique Houdayer/Freeman/Evans: still crazy after all these years.

This is what she is sending around as of today, January 6, 2016. The interesting thing is that I have not seen or had ANY communication at all with this woman for almost EIGHTEEN  NINETEEN YEARS. She was my girlfriend once, but I walked away from her when I realized that you can’t fix crazy.

The following email wasn’t sent to me – it was forwarded to me. Obviously the comments in red are mine.

So here is the challenge: Find ONE statement in her crazy rant that makes sense.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Christine Evans, <>
Date: Tue, Jan 5, 2016 at 8:21 AM
Subject: Re: Thomas C. Burnett Jr. Violent Past/Present

Thomas C. Burnett Jr. is abusing his power.

One of my superpowers?  Which one?

He is using his position(s) to abuse us and probably others.

What position(s) would those be?  Who are ‘us’?

All your people need to be aware of this technology.

Maybe if you could provide some links? It sounds to me like alien technology.

Remote Satellite Terrorism

Ummmm…what?  Which terrorist organizations launch their own satellites?  Or do you mean my personal satellite constellation?

Remote Neural Monitoring

And how does THAT work?

Remote Directed Energy Weapons

‘Remote’ from where?  Oh…from my personal satellites. Or an alien spaceship.

Remote Death Ray Guns

Wait….I supposedly have a remote ‘death ray’ gun?  Really?  REALLY?!?!?!? No, but I do have one on the invisible mothership which could be anywhere, even as we speak.

A plethora of advanced remote weaponry to torture and kill 

Describe one.  Where is it?  What is it?- how does it work? – what range does it have?  What does it do? How did I get advanced remote weaponry?  You don’t know because you have never been to Area 51 and you can’t ever go there.

We need legislation! 

You need a rubber room. Legislation doesn’t apply to aliens you silly cod.

There’s only so much Thomas is permitted or licensed to do. None of it include stalking, harassing, and gaining access to our personal data. If he’s hacking, and stealing our, he’s probably hacking and stealing yours. Or, he’s using his REMOTE technology illegally.

For what reason? Why would the CIA give me remote back doors if I wasn’t also given a mandate to use them?  Do you know that too much pot can make you paranoid? But OK,  just explain once again how this remote technology works because I don’t quite understand it myself.

The restraining order. I can provide you a copy if you want.

So…we go from a personal satellite constellation of death rays to an eighteen year old restraining order which was cancelled?  Isn’t that a rather large leap?  Restraining orders aren’t evidence. That is to say, your imagination isn’t evidence. But slander and libel can be proven by email. And because they are civil issues, not criminal, insanity is not a defense.

Thank You

You are welcome.

My name is Christine Evans, and Thomas C. Burnett Jr. has made me his targeted individual, irregardless of the restraining I took out on him, which by the way should have prevented him from obtaining any kind of gun.

Yet the ONE TRO  from 1997 was cancelled, effective the date it was originally issued.  It was not factual.  It was never violated, and no others were ever issued. But really, why would I want a firearm if I have all this remote death ray stuff?

Thomas spent time in jail for assault and battery in Kosrae, Micronesia, and is a violent individual. Thomas found loopholes to get what he wanted, and in my opinion is like Timothy McVeigh.

Then there is a record of a conviction and sentence.  But there isn’t. I was never convicted of a crime, nor have I have been sentenced to incarceration for ANY crime, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. I was in Kosrae for a few months in 1996.  That is now TWENTY years ago. What I DID get was a letter of commendation from the government for fixing their police VHF radio communications system.

Thomas C. Burnett Jr. is now using a backdoor to piggy back on current infrastructure to stalk me. He’s hacked into my computer, and my cell phone.

The back door that the CIA gave me?  Yes, that’s plausible. Or, more likely, aliem technology.  That someone would stalk a middle-aged, paranoid-schizophrenic for nineteen years without ever making any contact whatsoever doesn’t make any sense and certainly doesn’t qualify as ‘stalking’.   The word you are looking for is ‘Ignoring’. I don’t know where you are, your phone number, or anything else about you.  I am not a magical being.  Do you suppose you have something in your mind I’d want to know?  No.  If I want to stare into the vastness of empty space I can do that from my back yard. Do you suppose your location interests me – or anyone?  No. Except that if most of humanity knew where you were at any given time, they would immediately arrange to be elsewhere.

Thomas is also using a remote control satellite gps terrorism, to track me, and is also using directed energy weapons, and remote neural monitoring to torture me in the shadows with impunity.

That is simply not possible. The technology doesn’t exist on earth and impunity is not a weapon.  You are still walking and talking…irrationally, but words are coming out. You have not been tortured by anyone but yourself. No one is following you. No one cares about your meaningless life. No one is using remote directed energy weapons on you. (note to self: Turn up the power on satellite #32 and the Central Pacific Remote Ray Gun Array.)

And unless you have a cleverly injected arterial microchip in your system, which you could never find, no one can follow you by GPS. It would have circulated through your bloodstream and parked right above the reasoning center in your brain.  If things like that existed (either the microchips or your reasoning center), they would be nano-structures and would not show up on x-rays,  magnetoencephalography, computer aided tomography, or by any other currently known procedure.  It just isn’t there.

Ummm…or, if it is, you are probably a victim of an abduction by the aliens who came from the hurtling moons of Barsoom to install my personal satellite array and the ray guns.  Maybe they planted some tracking devices through an anal probe.  I saw that technology on the first episode of South Park.

I have filed complaints with local and federal law enforcement.

If anyone is following you it’s men with butterfly nets.  Aliens aren’t subject to earthly laws anyway, and everything about them is secret. So you are kinda out of luck.

You, and your organization need to be aware that this talented, but sick individual, is hurting me, and probably others with contempt. If you’re unfamiliar with the new REMOTE control satellite technology, Thomas knows this. It’s not in the mainstream yet, and Thomas knows this. Mark my words, you will become aware of it in the future.

Thomas seems to know an awful lot. How do you know what Thomas knows? How did I get control of all this remote technology? Better still, when and why?  Just to follow you around? Maybe Thomas is an alien, in which case you have a problem.

Thomas had a friend named Linda Gilbert, Big Bear Lake, CA. She became depressed, and Tom, or TC, or Tex, couldn’t be bothered, so he offered her his gun and said if you’re that miserable why don’t you just blow your brains out, and she did. Linda committed suicide with Toms gun.

You weren’t there and didn’t know either Linda or me at the time and that conversation never happened.  A few years later you couldn’t wait to move into the same house to live with me.  At least this allegation is an improvement over the last the last one in which you accused me of murdering her directly. But you still moved in with me.  How does that make sense?

Tom has a violent past that he’s never dealt with, and his still violent know.

You don’t realize it, but you are Looney-Tunes nuts.

Tom is masquerading to gain the public’s trust.

Umm….I am not a public figure.  I don’t venture out into the public except infrequently.  If I had the technology you say I do I could run for President and remotely make everyone vote for me. I could own the world.  And I could press your secret remote neural monitoring number into my computer and press ‘delete’.  Yet none of that has happened.

He’s needs to stop stalking and harassing me and my family. He even impersonated my husband, Darl Evans from Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.

Really?  Describe THAT incident.  Name names. Supply dates and times. Where is the police report?  Remember what I said about drugs?

His remote stalking and harassment follows me where ever I go, and it’s designed to remotely targeting me and torture me.

Yes, I have had nothing to do for 18 years but spend $500 billion of my spare cash to develop remote weaponry that no country can develop and deploy it everywhere in the world to remotely target you.

I ask that you be very careful with this man, and examine what your organization is aligning themselves with.

So do I.  Check me every way you possibly can.  Oh, except that if I have all this technology, you can’t check because ‘all your base are belong to me’.  (Google it if you don’t know.)

I will be writing letters to all the staff, and candidates.

I am sure everyone will be suitably impressed.  Probably not in the way you imagine. I hope you sign one of the letters.

I just want you to be aware.  You can contact me at anytime.

I doubt many people come to your pity party or respond to your communications, except to warn me that a crazy person is making ridiculous allegations-but remember:   If they do, they are my secret, remote agents.

Thank You,

Christine Evans

I want no contact whatsoever with this person.

But  I am willing to negotiate a reasonable sum…say fiddy cents give or take half a buck…for which, upon payment in full to me, I will cease and desist forever, any and all of the imaginary ‘Remote satellite terrorism’; ‘Remote neural monitoring’; ‘Remote directed energy weapons’, and ‘Remote Death Ray Guns’ which she claims I have been using on her.  I promise that whether this accommodation is made or not, no imaginary items whatsoever, including these, will EVER be directed at her by me, period.  That will save me around $10 TRILLION over the next 10 years. I need the money because my satellites need to be upgraded and my unicorns want elves to hand-feed them. Elves ain’t cheap anymore.

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