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This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

It’s in seven parts and you have to be interested in what is really happening in the world. If you are, and you can think, you can get a radically new view of what you thought you knew. This is … Continue reading

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I was working that day.

12/23/1976 by JD Harris I think Mike Nagaoka was conducting briefing. It was Christmas day The briefing room door slid open and Captain Vic Cavallero stepped into the briefing room. His wavy salt and pepper hair seemed to have added … Continue reading

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What’s wrong wit you, man?

Every country that can is arming every other country while trying to disarm their own country. The US is also taking the opportunity to destroy the infrastructure of, and kill as many people in, every other country to make sure … Continue reading

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Currency crash – OP-ED

December 31, 2015. You pay $15,000 in greenbacks (number picked at random) for ten ounces of .999 gold bullion. January 1, 2016. The economy crashes.  Fiat currency isn’t worth anything, but you have 10 ounces of gold. (1) Is it … Continue reading

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Source: Ian56

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About Novorossiya.

First a brief history of the world today and a synopsis: (1) Will Russia remain a new super power, or even survive as a country?  Yes. (2) Will Ukraine?  Only as part of Russia.  The US and EU are tired … Continue reading

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The long war.

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Something about guns from the WSJ.

The Liberal Theology of Gun Control Guns are what you talk about to avoid having to talk about Islamist terrorism. How does a man who entered the White House vowing to restore science to its proper place tell us that … Continue reading

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Living in Orange.

This won’t make sense to anyone save the unnamed person to whom I pen it. Several thousand people will die today across the world; many of them in the US; most will die violently – many for no reason at … Continue reading

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From my cousin, Larry Walker, LBPD (ret)

Annie get your gun, because the police can’t protect you! After yet another mass killing, much media attention is given to it.  Tragic as this is, it reveals that there happened to be Police who were very close at a … Continue reading

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