UNOFFICIAL lava path prediction.

This is a completely unofficial attempt by me to predict the future. 

IF the lava continues, and it is slowing as we speak, this is its likely path to the sea.

Red dots over the blue line of steepest descent indicate the most probable path.

Purple dots indicate the potentially worst case scenario.

Yellow dots indicate possible secondary paths which won’t really matter if the lava gets that far. 

Green and Yellow dots indicate my estimation of the best temporary bypass-and-bridge using mostly existing infrastructure which would require improvement.

The BEST choice would be to trench-and bridge Hwy 130 if the lava appears to be imminent.

Neither of these options takes Beaches/Shores into the equation. They will probaly have to survive on the emergency roads until a determination can be made about the viability of Kahakai Blvd., but the property values in that subdivion are going straight to hell in any case.