This is pretty darned informative.


I don’t know why Paul Craig Roberts hasn’t commented on the Fed’s decision to end QE3 – or maybe he did and I’m behind the curve. But the FED has been printing a $TRILLION a year in monopoly money and buying $Billions of naked gold shorts to keep the economy from imploding.  Now THEIR debt-to-asset ratio is ~77 to 1 and they can’t keep propping up the country.

The Fed says they are quitting QE because the country is out of trouble, but they know and WE know that it isn’t.  The end of QE3 will last about as long as the end of QE2 lasted – a few weeks or so – and then inflation will hit and recession will follow immediately, not in months or years.

I hve been babbling since about 2007 that this was really going to happen and that people needed to become self-sufficient.  I still think it is, because it must.

A lot of people ‘prepped’ a bugout bag, most didn’t, and no one I know actually made a determined effort to become self-sufficient.  So they aren’t.

Here’s a little exercise. Can you still maintain your lifetsyle if the cost of a loaf of bread hits $24.95 and gasoline goes to $20 a gallon?  I can because I have no lifestyle.  I can literally live out my life without ever leaving my farm. 

If you can’t live the rest of your life within walking distance, you need to think of what you will do instead if something like that happens.