If the US had any REAL sense….

We’d buy all of our military weapons and aircraft from Russia and trade them by building ‘Mistral’ ships for them.  Our new generation of aircraft and littoral ships are simply not competetive – even against the Chinese.

AK-47s are STILL the main military firearm in the world after about SEVENTY years and they never stop working.  The PAK-FA fighter is the dominant air superiority fighter for the forseeable future.  F-22s and F-35s are no match and our F-18s are wearing out pretty quickly.

So in those areas at least, everyone would have hardware parity and could compete in computers and electronics instead of having to spend $Trillions on upgrading a nuclear capability we can’t use or developing weaponized ebola which got loose and is coming home to haunt us.

Congress won’t talk to us.

From the Federation of American Scientists.


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