Complicated and complex…

From Joseppi.

“Complicated” and “complex” differ: with complicated systems – such as in the case the oft-mentioned Swiss Watch – once you figure them out, your understanding of their workings will remain valid over time, and the experience of confusion and uncertainty will disappear. In contrast, complex systems are in a continuous process of co-adaptation, with ever increasing numbers of nodes and degrees of interconnection that stymie prediction and understanding. This means that you can never stop and rest on your cognitive laurels, assuming your understandings from the past are still adequate today.
Elegance is always to be sought, but in complex environments, “Keep It Simple Stupid” will increasingly become “Keep It Simple = Stupid” unless we successfully upgrade our own mental operating system through the development of more sophisticated operational and strategic concepts.


Joseppi’s column. (He’s a card-carrying columnist, you know.)

“The wealthiest 5 percent of American households held 54 percent of all wealth reported in the 1989 survey. Their share rose to 61 percent in 2010 and reached 63 percent in 2013;

“The lower half of households by wealth, held just 3 percent of wealth in 1989 and only 1 percent in 2013. To put that in perspective…the average net worth of the lower half of the distribution, representing 62 million households, was $11,000 in 2013.”

We have been hearing a lot of worrisome talk lately about the growing financial inequality of Americans these days. Should it be a worry as we are being led to believe? What’s the problem with society rewarding the brightest and hard working members of society with financial rewards – Are we all not free and willing subjects in the Darwinian experiment of survival of the fittest in a capitalistic society? Plus, some of these high achievers are even empathetic philanthropists.

So what’s the big problem.?

The problem today is that democracy in a free market capitalistic society only exists in the imaginations of sleep-walking dreamers in the American Dream. The American Dream of honest hard work being rewarded has become a myth and a mind-numbing narcotic that is now just beginning to wear off in the minds of some Americans.

While we Americans were working and playing hard, our representational democracy has evolved into a political system that has been completely and utterly bought by the rich and is now merely a protection racket for their accumulations and advantageous position. We live in a land where untaxed off-shored wealth is legal, in fact, the whole tax system has been customized to suit their personal needs.

We live in a fictitious land where multi-national corporations are legally given Frankenstein-like life as a red-blooded Americans, and their money is legally deemed their vocal chords. Politicians, while posturing that they are working for “the people”, are nothing but lobbyists for the rich, which most of them are, or assured to be upon leaving office to be rewarded with speaking fees, or think tank positions by their benefactors.

This unreal, and unfair dream land that we inhabit is kept alive by obscuring smoke and the brightly lit mirrors of the mass media that is completely controlled by a few corporations. Combined with false happy face statistics provided by the government we have been lulled into a narcotic dream, that is both numbing and dumbing. To realize there is even a problem, attention spans must be able to concentrate for longer than a 30 second advertisement.

Reality is never stagnant, and the hard rock reality of the great American experiment is being felt by most everyone with a head on their shoulders and a wallet or purse. The financial system, or racket, is run by the un-Federal Reserve Banks. The privately owned US Central Bank gives money which they make out of thin air called credit, to the boys who run the big banks for less than .25%. As the statistics reveal, this money never goes far from the hands of the rich. Their fingers grasp this money so tightly that the trickle, is now a mere tiny dribble that seeps out to those below.

Unbeknownst to most Americans, the US dollar has become play money, because it’s a fiat money con-game built solely on confidence and the the illusion of American exceptionalism. This confidence in America, as a moral force for good has been destroyed by it’s self-serving hypocrisy, it’s policy of torture, the poor performance of it’s political drama queens, and endless wars without end. This is no longer a time like the end of WW11, where the US was the dominant military power. That power is now shared with other nuclear armed nations. No longer can the US declare an economic embargo that brings countries to their knees, especially since the US itself is up to it’s myopic third eye in debt.

So what is the big problem. I believe the problem that we will be facing soon enough, is not the economic imbalance of the rich and poor in this country This unequal lopsidedness can be maintained for many years, especially with a militarize police force. The real problem is those pesky foreigners like Russia and China and the rest of the BRICS. When they decide that they have had enough of our self-serving antics, and renounce the US dollar as the world currency, then folks, that’s when we got a problem.

Until then, no problem, since most members of our society can’t even remember what the problem is.

Aloha, Joe

Just when you thought it was safe to take off your space suit.

The symptomless incubation period for Obola can exceed 42 days. Updated today, from the wizards at WHO.

What this says is that five of every hundred people infected by Obola won’t show symptoms for 42 days or longer. The implication is that there is no way to tell whether a person was exposed and is immune, or cured, or still actively contageous between 21 days and some as-yet unknown upper time limit.  One could never know whether a person who ‘showed’ the virus DNA was contageous, or cured.

It is difficult for me to understand how a ‘normal’ virus strain can have variables that wide unless there are very subtle changes in the genome that cannot be found without a complete sequence and comparison of the genes in every case and that isn’t possible with current technology.  Isolation is the only safe procedure, and now there may not be an upper time limit.

If that were true, there would be almost no other possibility than it is a weaponized strain; otherwise it could never mutate in that way, or in other ways we may not even know yet. There is another post above this one regarding a US invasion of Liberia. It might be an interesting read.

I believe that most people will accept a 21 day isolation – but when you start talking over 40 days, not so much. There is no place to put them anyway.  Even the mythical FEMA death camps wouldn’t work.  Against a variable weaponized strain, vaccinations, even if one existed, would only work sporadically if at all.  

What is particularly troublesome is that in the initial stages, people are simply quarantined for 21 days and pronounced ‘cured’.  We don’t know that.  It could have been mixed with something like Herpes and might only become contageous every few months without affecting the host.

I don’t want to get carried away, but I know that if I set the specifications of a weaponized virus and had the resources to construct it,  it would be not be a good thing, but no one would know how bad it actually was until it was too late to control.

That would be after the initial group of patients either lived or died and the ones who lived were released as ‘cured’ until they caught the flu or a cold or any of a thousand possibilities – and it turned on again and began morphing in every person it touched.