The ‘war’ against ISIS.

There isn’t much ‘coalition’. Egypt is bombing Libya, Iran is bombing Iraq, the US and Turkey are bombing strategic Syrian infrastructure and calling the oil and gas refineries and government buildings they are destroying “ISIS strongholds”.  If I want a strong defensive position, I’m sure to pick a highly explosive oil refinery in which to concentrate my fighters! Yet the US says “We’re bombing ISIS” and everyone cheers.

The US armed and trained ‘moderate’ Muslims to fight Assad.  As soon as they were armed and trained they became ISIS.  So now the US is quietly helping the Kurdish terrorist group, PKK, fight ISIS while Turkey, a US ally and NATO member is helping ISIS fight the Kurds and Iraq is fighting no one because the $25 BILLION we spent training and arming them has gone to ISIS as well.

Now President Muppet has publicly stated that the three primary threats to humanity are (1) ebola (but we can’t just shut ourselves off from West Africa.); (2) The Russian Federation (While he is sending $Billions to the Nazi regime in Ukraine – Even the Russian PM says that is nuts: “I am very upset by the fact that President Obama, while speaking from the United Nations’ podium and listing the threats and challenges humanity is currently facing, put Ebola in first place, the Russian Federation second and the Islamic State organization was only in the third place. I don’t even want to comment on this, this is some sort of aberration in the brain,” Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview with CNBC television.); and (3) The Islamic State. (by which he doesn’t mean ISIS – he means Syria, Iran, and all Muslims who take offense at being bombed by the US.)

Until 2001 I honestly believed it was impossible for any one administration to destroy the US.  Didn’t we have checks and balances? Not after Bush and Cheney destroyed them – and just in time for Obama to come in and make use of the unconstitutional expanded power he found in his hand.  Now the US government is a Monarchy, of, by and for the rich. 

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