Another non-disaster passes. Friday, 19:30

ANA I can’t seem to get excited about this. Apart from some rain squalls, it is over. There are bubbles in the bathtub but the water isn’t brown.  ************************** LAVA The most recent report from HVO says the lava feeding the outbreak tube is low.  Until it re-energizes, the flow will have to wait. Apparently […]

The Obola circus begins.

The news: White House to send senior personnel to help Dallas in Ebola response, official says.   The truth:   White House to send senior personnel to keep the lid on Dallas Ebola outbreak.   A Carnival cruise ship was refused port in both Belize and Mexico because a health care worker who handled an […]


HOMELAND SECURITY BEGINS AT HOME! Excuse: A method by which someone who has made a terrible mistake attempts to gain the opportunity to make a catastrophic one. Virtue signaling: A method by which people who attempt to convey that their lack of virtue is somehow superior to your lack of virtue. Tolerance is accepting intolerance. […]

Friday, 11:300 Ana – Lava – Ebola

ANA Pushed past the magical number and is now a Cat1 hurricane!  But we don’t care – she can’t hit the Big Island. Here is a current satellite photo:     Ana is becoming more disorganized. She will bring some rain, heavy at times, to Hawaii. There is no possibility of Hurricane or T/S conditions […]