Lava/Ana/ebola/everything – all here. Updates as available.

Still moving as of this morning. Not an issue until November if at all.


Strengthening. Look for her coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Whatever happened to you when Iselle came through is probably going to happen again this weekend. I suppose it depends on who you believe. I believe the storm is going to strengthen and it’s coming here. It WAS moving very slowly but it will be here Friday/Saturday.


Loose in the wild. Contageous as an aerosol, just like the ‘flu. 70+% fatal. It hasn’t been reported in Hawaii yet, but it will be soon enough. 70% of the US believe the US is ready and it won’t be a problem but the US is busy setting up ‘Ebola response teams’. I have no doubt they will be more military than medical.


Tokyo is not a safe place to live. It will eventually be abandoned. Enjoy your fresh ahi now because anything big enough to have made the trip is not safe to eat. The Japanese government is pushing to get their other nuke plants back on line.


The US is still pretending to bomb ISIS, but it’s a joke because Turkey wants to be rid of Kurds and so does Iraq and the US. ISIS is doing that for them. Kobane is deserted except for fighters, but it’s history. Everyone seems to ignore that ISIS slaughtered 5,000 Yazidi men and captured, raped and sold ~7,000 Yazidi women into slavery (but if that’s true, one has to wonder which ‘moderate’ Muslims bought them and where they are). Syria is next, and then Iran. By then the US will have made deadly enemies out of almost every Muslim, Arab and Persian, including Kurds, Turks, Pakistanis, Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians and Palestinians in the world. Then they WILL attack us. And we are training and equipping them. Go figure.


After being sanctioned for not doing any of the things the US accused it of, Russia is in the process of throwing Novorossiya under the bus. Ukraine will become the next Nazi Germany with US support. The US had just announced it is placing a ‘defensive’ missile shield in Romania. We already have missiles (and nukes) in Turkey. We have missiles in Poland. They are supposed to be a deterrent against North Korea but everyone knows better. Russia doesn’t intend to go to war. Russia is going to beat us at our own game, by our own rules.


Killing transgendered people always makes our military look good.  We are looking good in the Philippines.



Ours is screwed, no matter what the talking heads say.  Europe is in the shitter as well. The US can hope to bankrupt all the BRICS countries before we bankrupt ourselves, but we can’t do it because more of our workforce is on the dole than is paying taxes and we have outsourced most of our industry. The HOUR our printing presses stop printing Monopoly money is the last hour we will be a world power.


Not only isn’t going away, but it will soon be the only thing the world has to eat. That’s good because with enough food that looks good enough to eat, the population can continue to increase geometrically until we run out of everything at once.

Ebola update. Tuesday, 04:30

The World Health Organization says death rate in current Ebola outbreak is actually 70%, not 50% as has been reported previously.  In addition, the WHO says there could be up to 10,000 new cases of Ebola per week in 2 months.
Maybe sooner – Battalion of 800 Sierra Leone soldiers bound for Somalia peacekeeping have been quarantined after positive Ebola test.