Lava: What if Kilauea actually erupted?

First, it’s a million to one… or a billion to one for it to feed lava on the CURRENT flow path in any great quantity.  It would run down the hill to Seaview and Kalapana. But let’s say it erupted enough to keep flowing for a couple of years but not enough to go over […]

Lava update, Sunday 11:00

The threads of lava moving toward Cemetary Road have almost stopped. The other finger, now the most active one, has left the steepest descent and is falling off to the north – which might put it right back on my originally predicted track. If I overlay a picture and topo in that direction, the path […]

Ebola contracted in Dallas. It’s a dream to believe it can be contained. Let’s understand that viruses travel encapsulated in H2O molecules. Viruses are very small and require very few molecules to protect them – if they do not find a host to supply more water, they die. But they do NOT require physical contact as a vector to move between hosts. Ebola is exactly like influenza […]