You can’t make this stuff up.

Almost everyone I know firmly believes that Obama is actively destroying the US – whether on purpose or through incompetence might be debatable. But the fact that he has bombed 7 countries in 6 years, doubled the national debt and the economy is going to hell says something. They recognize that the US had to […]

Lava prediction, Thursday, 10:30 – Updated 19:00

Update: HVO isn’t updating the flow data twice a day anymore, partly because the helicopter only flies once a day now. However there are people on-site, probably being paid serious overtime to watch it. I don’t watch Tv, so I don’t know whether it got any airtime. We’ll see tomorrow morning how much it moved […]

The downside to running a blog and the reason the other one was suspended.

H/T Francisco for finding it first. If there are any stupid mistakes in the theme…spelling is the main one – I have to find it and fix it. ¬†I fixed this one a little too well yesterday ¬†because I don’t write nested PHP worth a damn and it started throwing up syntax errors. It might […]