Just as ebola is being spread widely across the US, the government says that ebola can’t spread widely across the US.

We shouldn’t worry.  We have the vaccine…right?  Not exactly.

“Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said Duncan is in critical condition, adding that the patient is not receiving ZMapp – an experimental medicine – because it is “all gone” and is “not going to be available anytime soon.”

So the people who are quarantined in hospitals with ebola are beginning to die from it.  The problem with ebola is that you may have it and be contageous, but not show any symptoms for up to 21 days – or in rare cases, merely be a carrier and never contract the disease.  Regardless what the government says, this is going to get about as close to Captain Trips as I care to imagine.  Once it gets loose in a major county jail, there will be no possible way to even follow the spread which will immediately become exponential.

This is where the phrase “to go viral” comes from.  Just like the flu, at some point everyone will be exposed to it.

So what is the big worry this month?  Sleeper cells of ISIS jihadists.  Before that?  The evils of owning a firearm.  Do you know what the real problem is?

The real problem is that everyone thinks THEIR problem is the most important problem. Their money. Their relationships. Their families. Their lives.  But all of that is transient.  We come and we go; we live and we die. And instead of leaving something good because it’s good, we want to be paid for doing the right thing – because we are worth it.  No. We aren’t. Look at what we have left for all the future generations that will never exist because we had to have it all NOW. Because we cared for nothing but ourselves.

Everyone in the entire world needs to read and understand this.

It is what is ACTUALLY going on, and it is EXACTLY THE SAME THING we are trying to do to Russia via Ukraine and, not coincidentally, to China via Hong Kong.

Try to understand that the US is no longer the country we ‘boomers’ grew up in, or fought for.  It is no longer the bastion of liberty and freedom. We are EIGHT TIMES more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist and we PROBABLY CALLED THE POLICE OFFICER FOR HELP.

The US has become the bad guy. Dreaming and pretending and watching football or DWTS won’t change it.  WE ARE THE MAJOR EXPORTER OF TERRORISM IN THE WORLD.


I am concentrating on the middle east at the moment, but I’ll get around to demonstrating that the US is arming and supporting a neo-nazi regime in Ukraine.

And here we go:  http://www.tomdispatch.com/post/175903/tomgram%3A_pepe_escobar%2C_new_silk_roads_and_an_alternate_eurasian_century/#more

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