I can just about guarantee that Ebola is loose in the wild in the US.

Minor update:  Liberia will prosecute the man who brought ebola to the US for falsifying an exit document.  He knew he had been exposed and said he hadn’t.  Checking a box before getting on a flight to anywhere is all one needs to spread ebola to the world.  

He knew he had it when he went to the hospital in Dallas and TOLD THE HOSPITAL STAFF but they sent him home without testing him.

This is America’s “A” team, folks.  These are the morons you trust to protect your life.

First, watch this unbelievable video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4CTkWjTMyY

Then read the New York Times article.  http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/03/us/dallas-ebola-case-thomas-duncan-contacts.html?_r=1

This is how the Red Cross delivers food to the man’s family…the ones who are quarantined.  Yep, I’m serious.

EbolafooddeliverySo where does Obama send 3,000 militart medical personnel to help?   http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2014/09/30/the-u-s-military-forces-fighting-the-war-on-ebola/

There is almost no possibility that the President of the US can be so incompetent accidentally.  I don’t know who runs the White house; certainly not the President. It appears to me as though no one is running it at all and that every government agency with a budget is doing whatever they want to do.  The big problem with that is that having no one in charge is more fragmentary than having an idiot like Dubya’ in charge.  The country is irrevocably destroyed.  We are waging ‘non-wars’ in 184 locations worldwide but the City of Detroit is shutting off the public water supply to 100,000 unemployed people who can’t pay their water bill because the government allowed the car companies to send all the jobs offshore.

The southern border is wide open.  Neither the US nor Mexico controls it.  Drug cartels control it.  Crime is rampant.  The police are militarized.  The solution to that is to disarm the citizenry in the interest of ‘safety’.  It’s analagous to Prohibition but instead of making alcohol illegal, it is now illegal to protect yourself or your family from anyone – especially from the government, whose job has never been to protect you.  The only job of the government is to protect itself.

This is supposed to be a cartoon.  It isn’t.


Here is another article from the Washington Post.  But it doesn’t begin to describe the severity of the problem .


4 thoughts on “I can just about guarantee that Ebola is loose in the wild in the US.

  1. They need contractors? It almost looks as if the incompetence were happening on purpose, but probably not. There seeems to be a systemic in-built incompetence to deal with certain disaster situations as was demonstrated after Katrina. An incompetence that is gettin worse. Something to do with engineering a dumbing down of the collective mind to truly abysmal levels. There is such a thing as the collective mind and the means to monkey with it. This becomes obvious when you consider that, for these kinds of things, and with a minuscule fraction of the resources the US has at its disposal, the Cubans are infinitely better. Consistently.

  2. This is a very informative article on Ebola, published in August.


    I single out three points, but there is lots of other useful information in it.

    1. The Department of Defense and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) classify the Ebola virus as a biowarfare agent

    2. Canadian researchers separating pigs from monkeys by wired pens found that infected pigs transmitted the virus by air to the monkeys.

    3. It can survive outside the host for several days at normal room temperature, evidence that the virus can stay alive on door knobs and household surfaces and be contagious for a considerable length of time.

    4. Biowarfare researchers from Tulane University and the US Army had been in Sierra Leone up to very recently (they’ve been kicked out). Nurses there went on strike and were “suspicious that the American biowarfare team may be responsible for the recent surge in deaths”


  3. A youtube reporter called SyrianGirl, who has done some interesting reporting on ISIS, also looked into this Ebola thing back in August. She asks some good questions. Consequently, she receives lots of abuse in the comments section, like How dare a Syrian girl talk such nonsense from a “western haven”? The abuse is, of course, generally a good sign.

  4. On the other hand, there are aspects of this that remind one of the 2009 swine flu fraud.

    Some excerpts from an article by F. William Engdahl


    A major problem for Chan and her backers, however, is that her Ebola statistics are very, very dubious. For those whose memory is short, this is the same Dr Margaret Chan at WHO in Geneva who was guilty in 2009 of trying to panic the world into taking unproven vaccines for “Swine Flu” influenza, by declaring a Global Pandemic with statistics calling every case of symptoms that of the common cold to be “Swine Flu,” whether it was runny nose, coughing, sneezing, sore throat. That changed WHO definition of Swine Flu allowed the statistics of the disease to be declared Pandemic. It was an utter fraud, a criminal fraud Chan carried out, wittingly or unwittingly (she could be simply stupid but evidence suggests otherwise), on behalf of the major US and EU pharmaceutical cartel.

    In a recent Washington Post article it was admitted that sixty-nine percent of all the Ebola cases in Liberia registered by WHO have not been laboratory confirmed through blood tests. Liberia is the epicenter of the Ebola alarm in west Africa. More than half of the alleged Ebola deaths, 1,224, and nearly half of all cases, 2,046, have been in Liberia says WHO. And the US FDA diagnostic test used for the lab confirmation of Ebola is so flawed that the FDA has prohibited anyone from claiming they are safe or effective. That means, a significant proportion of the remaining 31 % of the Ebola cases lab confirmed through blood tests could be false cases.

    In short, no one knows what 1,224 Liberians in recent weeks have died from. But WHO claims it to be Ebola. Note that the countries affected by the Ebola alarm are among the poorest and most war-torn regions in the world. Wars over blood diamonds and colonial genocidal tribal wars have left a devastated, mal-nourished population in its wake.
    Then the official WHO Ebola Fact Sheet dated September, 2014, states, “It can be difficult to distinguish EVD from other infectious diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever and meningitis.”

    Excuse me, Dr Margaret Chan, can you say that slowly? It can be difficult to distinguish EVD from other infectious diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever and meningitis? And you admit that 69% of the declared cases have never been adequately tested?

    Then Engdahl makes the case that this is precisely the area where the Chinese are buying a lot of oil.

    The last paragraph:

    If the US President were genuine about his concern to contain a public health emergency, he could look at the example of that US-declared pariah Caribbean nation, Cuba. Reuters reports that the Cuban government, a small financially distressed, economically sanctioned island nation of 11 million people, with a national budget of $50 billion, Gross Domestic Product of 121 billion and per capita GDP of just over $10,000, is dispatching 165 medical personnel to Africa to regions where there are Ebola outbreaks. Washington sends 3,000 combat troops. Something smells very rotten around the entire Ebola scare.

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