Lava Prediction, Thursday, 19:00 – and my weekly rant.

It’s leaking a little but not moving.  I called someone today. “Hey, instead of $5,000 an hour for the county helicopter, why not just ask the police officers you have up there restricting access or one of the HVO observers who are there 24/7 to call in if it breaks out and THEN send the helicopter?”

While you are at it, why not spend a thousand bucks to charter 5 seats on one of the commercial tour helicopters instead of using the county’s at five times the cost?

And I have to ask why the radio stations break in once an hour all day long to play the same Civil Defense message that says nothing is happening?  Wait until something IS happening and THEN tell us.


Seriously…people are all freaked out because a little lava might cross the road eventually.

The fact that we live on the side of two ACTIVE VOLCANOES and there has been an almost continuous eruption FROM THAT EXACT SITE for almost 31 YEARS, since January 3, 1983, or the fact that you really can’t get a good home loan or much in the way of insurance in that area BECAUSE IT IS IN LAVA ZONE 1 AND IN IMMINENT DANGER does not appear to be enough clue to make people understand that the steam and sulphur dioxide they have seen every day for all those years is from the active volcano WE CHOSE TO LIVE ON and that the lava is coming sometime…

But not this time.

The rest of the time everyone is worried that there is an ISIS cell in the neighborhood just waiting to cut off their heads.   But they got rid of, or won’t touch a firearm, because firearms are dangerous.  So although the chance of you being killed accidentally by a local police officer on a SWAT team which is raiding your house because they got the wrong address than from ANY terrorist activity, people are afraid of Muslims and ebola and flu shots and zombies and Democrats and Republicans and LGBT people and everything else that they CHOOSE to be afraid of – and the only way they can protect themselves is by drinking and driving.

You don’t have to hate anyone. You don’t have to afraid of anyone. All you have to do is be willing to defend yourself if negotiation doesn’t work.  That’s it.  If you aren’t willing to fight for your own life it’s not valuable to you. Don’t ask me me to lay down mine to protect something you don’t value.  If you aren’t willing to lay down your life down for freedom, you aren’t free. Don’t ask me to lay down my life for your freedom.  America has become ‘you’ and ‘me’.  It used to be ‘US’.  Together we were a great nation.  Now, not so much.


Before that it was something else and before that it was something else.

I can just about guarantee that Ebola is loose in the wild in the US.

Minor update:  Liberia will prosecute the man who brought ebola to the US for falsifying an exit document.  He knew he had been exposed and said he hadn’t.  Checking a box before getting on a flight to anywhere is all one needs to spread ebola to the world.  

He knew he had it when he went to the hospital in Dallas and TOLD THE HOSPITAL STAFF but they sent him home without testing him.

This is America’s “A” team, folks.  These are the morons you trust to protect your life.

First, watch this unbelievable video.

Then read the New York Times article.

This is how the Red Cross delivers food to the man’s family…the ones who are quarantined.  Yep, I’m serious.

EbolafooddeliverySo where does Obama send 3,000 militart medical personnel to help?

There is almost no possibility that the President of the US can be so incompetent accidentally.  I don’t know who runs the White house; certainly not the President. It appears to me as though no one is running it at all and that every government agency with a budget is doing whatever they want to do.  The big problem with that is that having no one in charge is more fragmentary than having an idiot like Dubya’ in charge.  The country is irrevocably destroyed.  We are waging ‘non-wars’ in 184 locations worldwide but the City of Detroit is shutting off the public water supply to 100,000 unemployed people who can’t pay their water bill because the government allowed the car companies to send all the jobs offshore.

The southern border is wide open.  Neither the US nor Mexico controls it.  Drug cartels control it.  Crime is rampant.  The police are militarized.  The solution to that is to disarm the citizenry in the interest of ‘safety’.  It’s analagous to Prohibition but instead of making alcohol illegal, it is now illegal to protect yourself or your family from anyone – especially from the government, whose job has never been to protect you.  The only job of the government is to protect itself.

This is supposed to be a cartoon.  It isn’t.


Here is another article from the Washington Post.  But it doesn’t begin to describe the severity of the problem .