Lava Prediction, 28 September, 19:30

My hiatus didn’t last very long.  The lava front moved ~75 feet today. That’s statistically unimportant, but it did move.  They didn’t say how wide it was, but at that rate it could reach highway 130 by about…Sunday, January 11, 2015.  However, 75 feet a day is not much faster than three feet an hour and regardless what the idiots say about insulting Pele by diverting the lava, if she didn’t want it diverted it couldn’t be.  In this case it could be and probably would be if it kept coming – but it isn’t. A small flow across the highway would be no big deal anyway.  Remember Queen’s Baths?  It happens.  Mauna Loa is the largest active volcano on earth.

The plain truth is that after the fits and starts, it is almost certain to simply stop again and again until it stops for good, and that will be that until the next time. We live on TWO active volcanos by choice. We don’t have to. I still predict that it will stop unless it’s not really Kilauea but Mauna Loa.

If you want something to worry about – and most people do – think of this small flow as a hint that Mauna Loa is more likely to be a problem. You have heard of rift zones.  Those are tears in the volcanic rock of which the the island is made.  Mauna Loa comprises over half the mass of the Big Island and it’s ripping away.  When it tears itself off and slides into the ocean, there will be a five-thousand foot tsunami heading west and the reverberations will last months or years.

But we won’t care.


My friend who lives within a few miles of me says that he has been shot at several times quite recently.  I don’t know what’s up with that and I take him seriously.  But I don’t believe any of us here have been targeted by cells of terrorists. There is no point. Terrorism is a deliberate act intended to evoke a specific response. No one would even notice around here.

Tribes and communities didn’t get together to invent agriculture.  They got together for mutual defense. They invented agriculture so they could stay in a reasonably close defensive area and feed themselves.  It’s about time for people in this country to realize that YOU have the ultimate AND ONLY responsibility for protecting yourself and your family.  You can call the police but there is no law or even a requirement that they have to respond at all, much less protect you.  The job of the police is to investigate crimes and present the results of their investigation to the prosecutor.

My strategy is posted right on my front gate. People can believe it or not as they choose, but the other guy can only cut off your head if you don’t blow his off first. I’m too old to fight and I’m getting too crippled to stand up by myself if I kneel down. So EVERY threat is a deadly threat. But nothing has ever terrorized me because the best death is a warrior’s death and I can still squeeze off my shots slowly and carefully.  If you want to meet 72 virgins in the next life, write a note beforehand because you won’t even be a good zombie if I get a head shot on you.

So if you don’t have a firearm because your wife won’t let you (“the children could get hurt”), or some equally stupid idea of the world being full of love and peace, you and your family are dead meat for the first deranged shitball who picks you at random to kill because he’s been taking Prozac since he was  two.  And he (or they) will choose you over me.

You do what you want.  But I HIGHLY recommend this video to anyone who wants to talk to a police officer – and I am a retired police officer.  The gist is this:  People aren’t PUT in jail for the most part.  They TALK themselves into jail.  Don’t do that.

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