The Middle East

I will tell you the ultimate result of the US policy of arming people to create regime change and then bombing them when we discover they were never on our side at all.

There are millions of refugees all over the middle east and there will be millions more.  Very soon, marriages and forced survival will change the relationships between traditional tribal enemies. Old barriers will break down, old enemies will begin to realize they aren’t enemies at all, nd that they must unite against a common foe.  When that happens, governments based on tribal affiliations and religious sects will fail.  Iraq had failed.  Libya has failed. Afghanistan hasn’t yet, but the Pashtuns still rule there as they have for centuries. Now the US intends to destroy Syria and then Iran.  We created, financed and armed ISIS as rebels against Assad but, of course, they jumped ship and are trying to create a caliphate.  That may not work – but it is an excellent model for breaking the arbitrary borders imposed by the west after WWI and may eventually result in a unified middle east.

At that point an entirely new middle east will rise.  It will first affiliate and then begin to rival the BRICS countries, the EU and the ‘west’ as a world power.  The US is creating this unity because it has no idea what it is doing and can never see past the next election.  We react to ISIS cutting off a few heads which is a public relations stunt designed to make the US do something stupid.  It worked. The US is now allied with Arab countries against their tribal enemies and everyone there understands this for exactly what it is: A great way to tap into the unlimited US ATM machine and, as an unexpected bonus, to get the US to disarm it’s own citizens because of ‘terrorists’.  If you were afraid of terrorists, why would you disarm the only people who can stop an actual terrorist attack?  Because the police pull up a block away from the mall in their new mine-resistant military personnel carriers and set up a perimeter.  If you are inside with some active shooters, good luck.

Terrorism only works if we let ourselves be terrorized.  The very first time some shooters walk into a mall in Texas, yell “Allahu Akbar” and start shooting, everyone in the mall will turn around and blow them to hell. That will be the end of terrorism in Texas.  California, of course, is screwed.

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  1. Aloha Tom, I thought an article in the HTH this morning proved your point quite well. Did you see it? Some kind of religious fanatic/mental patient in Oklahoma beheaded a woman at a job-site only to be shot down by the company’s CEO, a reserve sheriff’s deputy (packing.) I strongly agree with your Middle East take. I think we should drop health supplies, radios, food and money instead of bombs. Keep up the inspiring conversation, Mark Van Doren Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2014 19:50:34

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