An Experiment by Francisco Gonzales

There exists an online tool here to measure/evaluate the similarity between faces.
From the existing pictures of “Katie Foley” and “Alex Israel” I cropped an image of their respective faces and uploaded them to their measurement tool.

Both of the pictures I cropped are attached to this message as Foley.jpg and Lanza.jpg. The picture from where I cropped them is also attached as Foley_Lanza.jpg

Then I fed them to the evaluation tool at the site mentioned above, and you can see screenshots of the results below.

Similarity meter: 88%.

Then, if you click on “Identity” it says:

These facial images are:

from the same person

Of course if you look around on the web, the first thing Google and others bring up is claims of having “debunked” that they are the same person.

You are encouraged to reproduce the simple experiment I’ve just described (you can use the 2 jpg files attached to this message or crop your own from the existing pics), to confirm that your eyes agree with this tool and this tool with your eyes.

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

3 Attachments

Preview attachment Foley.jpg



Preview attachment Lanza.jpg



Preview attachment Foley_Lanza.jpg



2 thoughts on “An Experiment by Francisco Gonzales

  1. This one I hadn’t seen yet, focuses on the voice. Unchanged. She may have had some work on her nose.

    This one is a great visual comparison:

    The author calls on both of them to prove him wrong by connecting through skype simultaneously. Alex Israel has a twitter account. Katie Foley can’t be found. She has no visual presence on the web other than from the interview with her supposed brother.

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