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  1. With all the wars he wants to get into, just where the heck will the military come from since he and others have decimated the military to before WWII numbers? And that would do a good job of leaving the border wide open for everyone to just walk in, like they’re doing now.

  2. In addition to what is said in the very cogent article below, it is very odd that this same James Foley was also a hostage in Libya before the bombing campaign. Then we were told he was a hostage of the Assad regime in Syria when the US wanted to bomb it, then a victim of ISIS in Sirya when the US want to bomb them (or so they say). Information that he was killed a year ago makes thing even more perplexing. Before the killing, they organized a pantomime fake beheading for future use?? Why not film the actual killing.

    As the author of the article below points out, there is zero evidence he was ever killed. The video porvided does not show it, and it is in fact totally ridiculous with a ridiculously small knife, bad acting, and no blood coming out after sawing away 10 times or so. And the final still image of a head resting on a body…. easy work for any craftsman in the theatrical arts working.with a mold of Foley’s head.

    In sum, I don’t believe anything about this James Foley.

    The James Foley Video is Obviously Fake
    by Scott Creighton

    Yesterday I wrote about the latest laughable twist to the ISIS Crisis campaign: the alleged beheading of “missing” journalist, James Foley. I would like to make one minor correction to yesterday’s rant: the video is a complete fake.

    I had seen a video someone posted at Above Top Secret on a thread discussing the Foley fiasco which did show someone being beheaded. I had assumed that it was the Live Leak full video of the Foley beheading, not an edited version from Youtube which are all down at this time.

    Turns out, that video was of someone else which is why yesterday I suggested they switched some poor soul for Foley at the moment of truth. That was not the case.

    Today I have seen the real Foley beheading video and it is obviously a fake. It is professionally produced in some ambiguous dessert, could be government controlled Iraq, could be Jordan, could be outside Vegas for all I know.

    What I do know is the video is a forgery. It’s well made except for the lack of the gory “beheading” special effects which would have been much more difficult to produce without the tell-tale CGI and taken much longer than they apparently had. The fact that the “dreaded ISIS” choose to exclude that particular part of the production belies the counterfeit nature of the production as does the reluctance by the MSM to actually show the fake crap to their audiences while simultaneously using it as justification, unquestioningly, for Obama’s renewed Iraq occupation.

    Foley is obviously acting. He’s reading cue cards. He pauses as they are switched by the person holding them just off camera. His delivery is monotone. The entire video is devoid of any emotion on his part as well as his British executioner.

    The acting sounds much like that of one of the in-between scenes of a professional wrestling production.

    The video they show of the president making his recent speech about bombing and “boots on the ground” in Iraq as well as the “heroic” looking image of Foley in Army gear, is cross purposing. It’s designed to cast both in a favorable light, hardly something one would expect from ISIS.

    The text of his statement is clearly designed to implicate anyone who condemns our colonialist endeavor in Iraq as ISIS sympathizers. The British have already suggested anyone sharing the video or downloading it may be considered in league with the terrorists.

    Scotland Yard warned the public that viewing, downloading or disseminating the video within the UK might constitute a criminal offence under terrorism legislation.” Guardian

    The “terrorism” they are referring to is the act of showing this ridiculous propaganda to others online and exposing it for the fraud that it is. That’s why it’s been removed from Youtube while gruesome videos remain. They don’t want us pointing out how staged it is.

    Here’s an interesting observation about Mr. Foley. Does anyone else think the guy has put on weight since his capture in 2012? Looks remarkably healthy doesn’t he for a guy held captive by the “ebil Syrian Assad” and ISIS for nearly 2 years?

    His teeth are whiter than Obama’s. Good dental program with ISIS?

    The British guy holding the fake stage knife is almost as bad of an actor as Foley.

    Also notice the scripting: while both mention casualties in Iraq, neither mention CIVILIAN casualties. They IMPLY it, but don’t SAY IT. That’s key to understanding the mind set and aspirations of the person who wrote this. No mention of bombed children. No mention of Islamic women being killed. And no mention of the neoliberal puppet regime in Iraq which this is all supposed to be about.

    The actual beheading, unlike the video some influence peddling troll put up on the aforementioned ATS thread, is obviously fake. The British asset playing the role of the ISIS terrorist saws away at the neck of Foley at least 12 times as the camera fades to black. There is no blood during any portion of that segment of the video. That’s because the knife is plastic and blunt.

    In the last segment of this video morality play we see what is purportedly the body of James Foley with his head detached and resting on top. The shirt seems much shorter than the one being worn by Foley during the rest of the videos. The head seems like it was professionally manufactured by someone rather skilled in the theatrical arts of film-making special effects. All Foley would have had to have done is sit for a couple hours while craftsmen made a mold of his head. The rest is simply latex and make-up.

    Over at Reddit, a reader left a comment which I will place here in it’s entirety. He lays out good reasoning as to why it’s clearly a fake. I will leave you with this.

    bayrumdiaries wrote:

    1) Zero fear and zero emotion on the part of the victim and the aggressor. He doesn’t look or sound like he’s about to get a knife zigzagging through his esophagus. When he “blames” his brother, there’s zero emotion. No way anyone would be able to just read those lines so casually. At 3:00, when he says “I died that day John”, with the pauses and everything… he sounds more like an actor trying hard to persuade the viewer rather than someone who is speaking their last words to their family. Watch it and think about it. And the british gentleman terrorist is coming across like they’re on the 7th take of this video. No allah akbar. No highly charged vocal timber, which is 100% the norm in all other beheadings ive seen since Nick Berg.

    2) Incredible sound engineering: Both the victim and the gentleman terrorist are miked, and the sound is really well produced. This is professional audio engineering. No other video out of syria and iraq comes near the video/audio quality of this vid. And there are a LOT of videos coming out of Syria and Iraq.

    3) No other terrorists around? If there were others around, as is ALWAYS the case in beheading videos, they would be all be shouting “Allahu Akbar” the SECOND the knife touched the throat. Notice the dead silence, which to me implies that they’re alone, which to me implies that there is no fucking way he wouldn’t fight the gentleman terrorist with small knife. (small by beheading standards).

    3) Where’s the blood? Not only is there no blood after 6 or 7 saws against the neck when blood almost ALWAYS gushes immediately after 1-2 saws. Also, in the final shot, the blood on the ground is a mere trickle compared to the giant 3-foot in diameter pool of blood almost ALWAYS visible around the gaping neckwound. Another thing: At the very end, when the gentleman terrorist is showing off the next victim, his hands are perfectly clean, like he just got back from a manicure. No blood from the beheading he presumably just performed.

    5) They leave out the best part??? The most terrifying part of a beheading video is the part completely left out of this video. I know why. Because it’s also the hardest part to fake. And this video is 100% fake. Fake fake fake. And, in comparison to the many dozens of videos Ive seen since Nick Berg, is wildly different from all of them.

    So what happened to James Foley? First of all, there is no more James Foley. There is one of three possible scenarios:

    1) He has joined the deep ranks of the CIA. Black Ops. Men In Black kinda shit. Like Tommy Lee Jones sitting Will Smith down on a park bench and telling him that he’s going to disappear. No more family or friends or anything. He’s been reporting from the middle east for years and has been kidnapped before. He probably knows a lot about them. So the CIA made him an offer. First make this video so we can go back and blow Iraq up again, but we need you so you’re life is over.

    2) Same scenario as #1 but with Mossad.

    3) He’s become one of them. He’s been embedded there so long, and has spent enough time with them for him to hate the US, and feel sympathy for his captors. And his captors know that he can help them. So they’re keeping him alive, but “killing him off” with this fake propoganda vid.

    Or maybe it’s something else. But I’ll tell you this for sure: his head is firmly attached to his body. No doubts whatsoever.

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