Cat wrapping.



I reeled in a 160+ pound Yellowfin ahi yesterday. 


Not getting it right:


In the highest offices of government….

Former acting Cyber Security Director for Department of Health and Human Services is convicted on child porn charges – @TheJusticeDept
The President who refuses to ‘look back’.
President Obama approves Medal of Honor for Army Lieutenant Alonzo Cushing, killed in the battle of Gettysburg, 1863
Foley murdered a year ago?–Assad.html


2 thoughts on “Cat wrapping.

  1. Speaking of cats, the Russian Defence Minister said this:

    “As for the allegations about the involvement of the Russian special task force in the events in Ukraine the only thing to say to that is that searching for a black cat in a dark room is very difficult, especially if there is no cat there at all. It is particular silly if the cat is clever, bold and polite.”

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