This is getting to be utterly ridiclous and potentially world-ending.

August 12: At closed-door UN security Council meeting, Ukraine gave Russia official,written permission to deliver humanitarian supplies to the victims of Ukranian and US ethnic cleansing against civilians in Ukraine.

Between August 12 and August 22: Several independent agencies repeadedly inspected the trucks and supplies.  There were no weapons, ammunition or war materiel but Ukraine kept insisting that the convoy was full of military equipment. People in Lugansk became even more desperate and Russia got tired of watching the genocide of ethnic Russians at about the same time that President Obama decided that the ISIS killing of a reporter in Iraq, however horrific, is sufficient cause to start another war in the middle east. Apparently murder warrants war but torture and the killing of thousands of innocent people picked by metadata and signed off personally by the President of the US is just fine and dandy.

August 22: Russia deliverd the humanitarian supplies to the International Committee of the Red Cross in Lugansk, Ukraine, 

August 22: Ukraine called it an invasion. The US, the UN and NATO started saber-rattling against Russia for ‘invading’ Ukraine with relief supplies.  Also mentioned were China and ISIS – and, because ISIS spans borders, Syria.

August 23: Russia tells the UN Security Council that it had and has official permission to deliver the supplies – as everyone at the SC well knows – and that if Ukraine was being deceptive in issuing permission, it is Ukraine’s problem.

Ukraine and the US want war in Ukraine.  The US wants war in the middle east as well, and in the South China Sea – all at once.  In addition to the impending civil war in the US that the is preparing for by militarizing the police and authorizing US troops to be used against US citizens on US soil – something the Constitution clearly prohibits.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said ISIS an “imminent threat to every interest we have.” and Susan Rice said Now the administration says that ISIS “is bigger than Al Qaeda ever was”…and, by the way, after over a decade of war and TRILLIONS of dollars, THE US IS PROVIDING AL-QAEDA WITH WEAPONS. ISIS is using a LOT of US weapons, including M1 tanks captured from Iraq after we re-armed THEM. Same with Afghanistan and you name it. So, of course, we are going back to war in the middle east while Rome burns.


The only remaining question might well be whether or not the US will attempt a nuclear first strike against Russia and China before ISIS creates a permanent state martial law in the US..

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