The worm turns.

Thr world is at war and always has been.  What is happening now is that there are too many rats in the maze and we are all fighting over the crumbs of food and lumps of coal that are left. Since the entire world id competing to eat the last bit of food and burn the last drop of oil, it will only get worse until it’…and we are all gone. 

The separatists are now winning in Ukraine.  The Ukranian military has apparently shot it’s bolt – and it’s air force. The US and the EU will have to deploy boots on the ground to save Ukraine in addition to the mercenaries we have hired. But it will take billions to keep it from failing as a nation.  Russia doesn’t want it and neither the US nor the EU can afford it. But in the interim, the US will fight Russia until the last Ukranian.

This is a very interesting and timely site if you want to keep track of Ukraine: 

China has dismissed the US as well, describing it as “A disgusting thief peering over it’s neighbor’s fence”.’s-reaction-america-“disgusting-thief-spying-over-his-neighbor’s-fence”



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