6 thoughts on “We are going back to war in the middle east.

  1. Does this have anything to do with those Alien Gray guys? They really freak me out. I think one lives in the next apartment to me. They have interviews with them on youtube and everything. Maybe they could help you out Christine; but just a word of warning… they’re really sneaky.

  2. These massive swings in the stock market don’t affect your “average” person (like me), if they do it’s minimal. I’ve got a warm, dry place to live, my big screen, my computer, my music, an older reliable vehicle, phone service… and I occasionally get laid.

    No, I’m not married. That’s why I get laid sometimes.

    The “invisible” money issue is very real and has been a growing concern over the last several years. Countries that have real gold supposedly stored in places like Fort Knox for example, are consistently stonewalled when they try to actually see it, test it, feel it. lick it or whatever. They might get to see the occasional pallet of gold bars and get every kind of officially stamped and audited document(s) from any US government agency they want; but they seem to have a real difficult time getting to see ALL of their gold. Britain is much the same.

    If a lack of transparency does not make you suspicious, your head is in a part of your body I won’t name here.

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