It only takes one. There were 1,100 through 2012. No telling what is loose where by now.

The middle east is more complicated than we know, or ever can know.  Unfortunately, it is more complicated than out politicians know – or ever can know.

The drumbeats of a new war are growing steadily. The politicians (as well as Marie Harf at the State Department) who are babbling about the necessity of wiping out IS don’t seem to understand that it isn’t just an Iraqi issue. We would have to invade Syria as well. They probably won’t think about it very much because a nice new war will -they think- make everyone forget Ferguson. But what really happened in Ferguson doesn’t matter.  What matters is what the opposing sides THINK happened. The problem is that no one can believe what the government says anymore.

The IS is going to keep killing Americans, and they can behead one a day for a couple of weeks before they have to go shopping again.  They WANT the US to invade Iraq, which means Syria as well, which means Russia and probably China will have to engage at some point. That means a nuclear war, and THAT means the First World countries are doomed. But not the second or third world countries.  So the IS doesn’t care how many casualties it suffers.  A billion wouldn’t matter.

Given that, is the US waging pre-emptive biological warfare in…say…Africa?  I say “No”, but I would never have believed the US capable of most of the dastardly, criminal and evil acts against humanity we now know we have actually done and continue to do in the name of freedom and liberty. Throwing away the Constitution is a good example, if not a nice one. 

I’d start watching Joe Biden closely.  I think that health issues will force the President to pass the torch to Biden before the 2016 elections. Ir that is the case, Biden will stand for re-election against Hillary and whoever the Republicans can cobble together – probably Jeb Bush. I don’t think either Cruz or Romney can win a national election so it might be interesting if we live that long.




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