It only takes one. There were 1,100 through 2012. No telling what is loose where by now.

The middle east is more complicated than we know, or ever can know.  Unfortunately, it is more complicated than out politicians know – or ever can know.

The drumbeats of a new war are growing steadily. The politicians (as well as Marie Harf at the State Department) who are babbling about the necessity of wiping out IS don’t seem to understand that it isn’t just an Iraqi issue. We would have to invade Syria as well. They probably won’t think about it very much because a nice new war will -they think- make everyone forget Ferguson. But what really happened in Ferguson doesn’t matter.  What matters is what the opposing sides THINK happened. The problem is that no one can believe what the government says anymore.

The IS is going to keep killing Americans, and they can behead one a day for a couple of weeks before they have to go shopping again.  They WANT the US to invade Iraq, which means Syria as well, which means Russia and probably China will have to engage at some point. That means a nuclear war, and THAT means the First World countries are doomed. But not the second or third world countries.  So the IS doesn’t care how many casualties it suffers.  A billion wouldn’t matter.

Given that, is the US waging pre-emptive biological warfare in…say…Africa?  I say “No”, but I would never have believed the US capable of most of the dastardly, criminal and evil acts against humanity we now know we have actually done and continue to do in the name of freedom and liberty. Throwing away the Constitution is a good example, if not a nice one. 

I’d start watching Joe Biden closely.  I think that health issues will force the President to pass the torch to Biden before the 2016 elections. Ir that is the case, Biden will stand for re-election against Hillary and whoever the Republicans can cobble together – probably Jeb Bush. I don’t think either Cruz or Romney can win a national election so it might be interesting if we live that long.




Every time the US bombs IS (ISIS)

The IS is going to release a video of one or more Americans being killed in some horrible and gruesome way.  

This will lead to more bombings and the real and increasing llikelihood of global terrorism against Americans, especially against Americans in America.  Our southern border is wide open, and the Canadian border can be crossed quite easily.

We in America will probably be ‘sheltered’ from these things like we were ‘sheltered’ from the knowledge that the US actually does torture people.  And are being ‘sheltered’ from what the US is doing in Ukraine and blaming on Russia.

It would require modest effort for a few hundred volunteers for martyrdom to bring Ebola to as many major US cities, and they will already have thought of that. A prime target, for which the US government would instantly be blamed, might be the citizenry of Ferguson, MO.  Fortunately, that eventuality is almost impossibly remote.

One needs to realize however, that if we had not invaded Iraq and Afghanistan – and created regime change in Libya and revolution in Syria, none of this could have happened.  That it is happening now is an unintended consequence of US actions, just as the problems in Ferguson are a result of the militarization of our police – which occurred because of the ‘war on drugs’ and an overheated military procurement system and because the American people are being systematically taught not to defend themselves.  Weapons should, we are told, be restricted to the military and police, who misuse them legally and seemingly without consequence – because THEY are being trained that the citizens are the most dangerous enemy.  ALL citizens…even children and pets.  Our police have killed more citizens than we lost in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan so, apparently, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.


The only good news is that the sky is not falling yet, but if the 2016 Presidential candidates are Queen Hitlery and Jeb Bush, that could change.  Actually, as everyone knows, there are no acceptable candidates for 2016.

Decoding the US government:  Any and every time the US government states officially that they cannot confirm something it means they don’t want to tattle on themselves or their pawns.

Here is the scorecard.  

The US is directing and helping fight the civil war in Ukraine using US mercenaries who operate under the control of the US military and CIA to kill civilians which we call ‘terrorists’ because they don’t want to be slaves. It is not our business to be shoving our military down Russia’s throat but we are.  We are actually and intentionally provoking WWIII – except Russia won’t play our game. So Far.

The US is helping fight the civil war in Iraq using the US military against the IS fighters who are armed with $25 Billion of new US military weaponry we donated to Iraq after we bombed it into the stone age and killed a million civilians because ‘Dubya’ “Wanted to kick the shit out of someone” and lied about Iraq’s WMDs in order to start a winnable war.

Iraq used to be almost the safest country in the WORLD under Saddam.  It was non-secular and friendly to westerners until we told Saddam that the US considered Kuwait a separatist Iraqi province and then attacked him when he took it back. Iraq is not officially a failed state, but it will be in a month or two. Iraqis hate us.

We did the same thing, regime change, in Iran and removed a legal, stable government to put the Shah into power. Iranians hate us.

We did the same thing in Libya.  It is now a failed state in a civil war. Libyans hate us.

We are doing the same thing in Syria. Syrians hate us.

Guess who got Assad’s family into power in Syria in the first place? We did – we staged a covert coup in 1949.

We did the same thing in Afghanistan.  It didn’t work.  The Afghans hate us.

Pakistan is in the midst of a civil war as well. Pakistan is a nuclear-armed country. The Pakis hate us.

Guess who started the war in Viet-Nam via regime change?

Guess who screwed up Brazil, Chile and Argentina via regime change?

But wait!  There’s more! 

These are covert US operations, and it isn’t the complete list. We have our sticky fingers in everyone’s pie.

1949 Syrian coup d’état
1953 Iranian coup d’état
1954 Guatemalan coup d’état
1959 Tibetan uprising
1961 Cuba, Bay of Pigs Invasion
1963 South Vietnamese coup
1964 Brazilian coup d’état
1973 Chilean coup d’état
1976 Argentine coup d’état
1979–89 Afghanistan, Operation Cyclone
1980 Turkish coup d’état
1981–87 Nicaragua, Contras
2011–present Syrian uprising

There is a more complete list here:

Guess who is ‘storing’ billions of dollars worth of US military equipment in Israel?  Do we expect to send troops to Israel? No. That equipment is there so Israel can use it when they need it. We pay them to store the equipment until they need it. Then we donate it as military aid.

By the way, we ship a lot of our ‘old’ nuclear weapons to Israel for refurbishing at Dimona. They send some back and keep some. We pay them for that, too.

We have ongoing military ops in almost every country in Africa. We are shoving serious military equipment into almost every country adjoining Russia. We have pre-positioned the tanks and equipment for an entire 18,000 man Marine Expeditionary Brigade in Norway. Why Norway? Norway shares a border with Russia.

Obama says we have to “be tough’ with China to keep then in their place.  What?  China just tested their new hypersonic nuke delivery system. I don’t know whether or not it worked, but ours doesn’t.

Now we are preparing for full-scale riots and revolution on a national scale in the US, and preparing to use the US military against US citizens. Posse Comitatus you say?  Sorry.  It’s been repealed. Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge lays it out:

77 million American children would go hungry every day if they weren’t given free lunches at school.  Where are the priorities?


H/T Rick Shade for the satirical analogy:

The whole world is being flushed down the toilet.

It’s like the pangs of distress on a pregnant woman.   The severity and the  frequency get worse and worse….

I heard that the Pacific ocean, a large portion…is dying because of Fukushima. 

The revolution may be starting in Missouri…  the “show me” state.

WW3 is near

Economy WILL collapse

Morality will continue to plunge

Hunger and starvation will continue to plague the majority


But I think Obama has trimmed two strokes off his handicap…so all is well.


H/T Joltin’ Joe the Hawi Hustler for this:

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I found this my ownself.  I was talking about the government keeping the citizenty stupid.  Kareem was thinking the same thing.  This is well written.

And a cartoon: