First I saw this:


It was described as an NRA talking point.  It isn't.  It's a dumbass talking point. It resonates because most people are dumbasses.  Here's why.

Cars, knives and hammers are not force equalizers. Take the car in in your garage. When someone breaks in, it isn't going to start itself and sneak down the hall – so that argument fails. You may sleep with a knife or a hammer, but you are NOT going to get into a knife or blunt object fight with an intruder from a dead sleep. YOU DO NOT KNOW ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN IN A LIVE KNIFE FIGHT! I seriously doubt you know anyone who has been in a hammer fight, either. Come ON! Most people don't reach for an AR-15 as an indoor personal defense weapon. I prefer a pistol with both night sights and a laser – because I know the laser is going to fail the second I need it. And it's not easy to search or fight in a house at night with a rifle in one hand and a flashlight in the other. A battle-axe isn't really practical because you have to swing it and there isn't room in your house. Finally, YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE THREAT IS GOING TO BE. You don't bring a knife or a hammer to a gunfight. So any rational person will try to defend against the greatest probable threat. I agree that an AR-15 isn't the ideal firearm for that. I have never liked them at all and I don't use one. But they are the most popular gun platform in the US, and good luck getting anyone to turn them in. The BEST POSSIBLE defense is a good dog and ready access to a loaded firearm. If you have time to call 9-1-1 (by that I mean to call someone to bring THEIR guns to help you), so much the better. But listen to this AGAIN and see if you want your wife or children in this position without a gun.

. Forget about the NRA. The NRA isn't the enemy. They just happen to be too far to the right – like the nutty tea party. But just as many people are too far to the left. We need to settle in the middle.

Listen to this, Dumbasses!  This happened last week.   

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