BOLO for Southern CA

Find her.  Move.

This information was provided by list member Dave Rathbun and his son Mike, who is a current Department Member.

The below missing person is Sarah Alarid. Her father is a US Forest Service firefighter, and her uncle is a deputy on our department. Sarah is also a close friend of my family. We are very concerned about her. The LASD activated search and rescue teams to scour her Canyon Country neighborhood for two days, to no avail. Volunteers from the Forest Service, LA County Fire, LASD and local citizens are still out searching for her.

As LASD personnel, we are far more observant than the average person on the street. With that in mind, please be on the lookout for Sarah and her vehicle (2002 Ford Focus, Silver in color, LIC 4WXE737) especially if you live in the Santa Clarita or Antelope Valley area.  There but for the grace of God go our daughters, sisters, etc.,

Please keep this in the back of your mind. If you know of other personnel that would benefit from this information, pass it on. Let’s see if we can help bring Sarah home.

With utmost respect and thanks,

Mike Rathbun
Deputy Sheriff
Inmate Reception Center



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