Hilo police shooting.

Aloha to everyone on my mailing list.

I will double the stated $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspected shooter of two police officers in Hilo last night on behalf of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. I will make the reward available through Crimestoppers if they are able to accept outside donations, but I will pay the reward regardless if the police verify that the information was useful. If you know, or THINK you know who shot those officers, please call the Hilo police department immediately at 808 935-3311.

As a retired police officer and firearms owner, I condemn any illegal use of firearms.  However, I believe a line has been crossed on the Big Island.  We do not shoot police 
officers and anyone who does must be brought to justice immediately.  I call upon all firearms owners and other law-abiding citizens to equal my $1,000 offer.   

a hui hou

Tom Burnett
Deputy Sheriff, Retired
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

We stand together with our brother officers

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