Why there is no dark matter.

I will try to draw it at some point, but imagine a cone.  The open top end is infinity for our purposes.  The closed bottom end is equivalent to the exit stream from a black hole.

Trisect the cone horizontally and imagine that the middle part is our universe.  We cannot see further than the limits of our universe in any direction.  But we know that everything in it is expanding away from everything else at an increasing speed and we can't explain how using a 'big bans' as a beginning for everything.  But suppose it is only the beginning of OUR universe – not ALL possible universes. If that hypothesis is correct, at some point we will expand to become the top cone, at which point nothing will be visible to anything else in that portion of the cone.  It will still be expanding, but it will not be replenished with matter – just as our present universe. 

Scientists postulate dark matter, but it isn't necessary. We can explain it without dark matter or dark energy because the black hole, which we cannot see because it is below our event horizon is still influxing material and pushing us upward and outward – which happens to be exactly what we observe.  We can only see out to a certain distance but we will never be able to see any edges – because there ARE no edges – there is nothing past our visual cone.  So we live in a finite, cone-shaped universe but we can't find any edges and we can't explain anything about it using current theories.

I just explained it.  My theory makes string theory a waste of time, and predicts that 'dark matter' will not be found'. It also negates multiverse, at least as far as we are concerned. 

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