The Republican insurgency.

It is as though the Republican party – and certainly the ones I know – were in a trance. Some still are.
The mantra sounds like this: "I can think for myself. Therefore I only watch Fox news and Listen to Rush Limbaugh so that my pure thoughts will not be corrupted by reality. I am better off than I was four years ago and MUCH better off than I was when Bush crashed the economy – BEFORE OBAMA WAS INAUGURATED – but I can't remember that. I cannot quite grasp that

EVERY billionaire in the world and every bank are also better off than they were four years ago. I am obsessed with the black man. 


I continue to believe that the socialist Nazi Kenyan Obama (by which I mean the inferior BLACK man) has usurped the power of the country and is trying to become a dictator by providing affordable medical insurance (a Republican plan) and housing to every American citizen (the Bush plan that started the mortgage lending scams) and is a pawn of the Illuminati (an imaginary all-white society) in their plan to redistribute wealth from themselves to the people who actually do the work but aren't being paid a living wage.
Interestingly, I cannot see the dichotomy of a bunch of white guys meeting in secret and plotting to give me their wealth while actually taking more and more of it and blaming it on a black guy.  I cannot understand the problem of millions of Americans losing their homes and jobs.  Don't they appreciate that we NEED 65 nuclear submarines instead of roads?  Don't they understand that transporting troops in 6×6 trucks is no longer an option and that we need hundreds of 84 TON troop carriers, at $10 Million each plus $200 a MILE to operate to fight a war we have no business fighting?  That's heavier than our heaviest main battle tank.  It will go to shit in the dust of Afghanistan and is not usable on any paved road in the world.
Weather phenomena are not caused by global warming and the energy requirements of excess populations. They are God's retribution for allowing same-sex couples to visit each other in the hospital and to let women have equal rights and own their own bodies. God is a loving, benevolent creator, except he hates all of those things and kills people for not giving Him enough money. He also hates witches and, according to Him, gentiles.
There aren't enough jobs – not because there are more people than jobs – but because women have abortions.
Global warming does not exist at all. In fact, we are entering another ice age – just like the one at the K/T boundary when the earth got too hot and the extinction event killed almost everything. Nuclear energy is safe and peak oil is a myth. There is PLENTY of oil and natural gas. All we have to do is destroy all of the fresh water in the world by fracking in order to get it out and burn it – which will destroy the oceans by acidification. But that's a GOOD thing because Carbon Dioxide makes plants grow. The fact that we have now entered another extinction event is also Obama's fault.
All of the problems of the world could be cured instantly if we simply stopped teaching math, science, and English in schools and eliminated any requirement at all for academic achievement. And, of course, conquered all of the Muslim countries and made them become Christians.  
The only Book we need is the Bible which was written hundreds of years or thousands of years after the facts it purports to describe – and was codified and promoted for the sole reason of providing a small group of people with a method of controlling and enslaving the masses – a job for which it has served excellently. Being a Christian means going to church and paying someone to tell me which of the voices in my head to believe – and if I don't hear any, I PAY TO HEAR WHAT THE VOICES IN THE MINISTER'S HEAD TELL ME TO DO!
So – although, as a Republican, I think for myself, my thoughts are based upon what I am told to think and my actions are based upon how I am told to act by people who have a vested interest in my not being able to think or act for myself. For instance "Redistribution of wealth" doesn't mean what I am TOLD it means. It means NOT redistributing any of the wealth of the 400 wealthiest families and corporations in the world to MY family.
Giving me the "Right to work" It means giving me the "right to work" for THEM for less than minimum wage and no benefits. It means 'Empowering" me to be powerless. It should be obvious to everyone that women who are raped were 'asking for it'. In fact, "Real" rape doesn't exist unless the woman is killed. If she doesn't die, it must have been consensual.
It is obvious to me that Obama is leading the country on the path to ruin because he might make me charge an extra 4.5 cents for one of my shitty frozen pizzas – which cost me about $2.40 to make INCLUDING LABOR AND ALL EXPENSES and which I sell for $12.99 PLUS TAX AND DELIVERY!  Of course, that doesn't include the $250k I get for allowing some sucker to buy a 'franchise' and buy all his stuff from me. That's free money and I STILL make a profit on every pie I sell."  
It is possible that the Republican party is beginning to wake up.  A lot of them are quitting or defecting from the Grover Norquist/Rush Limbaugh stupidity and deciding that their job is to work together for the betterment of ALL the citizens.  That's good.  When things get tough, the tough get going.  The smart left a long time ago.

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